Returning: Dogstar

Kid’s animated series Dogstar returns for a second series on Nine this Saturday.

The voice talent includes Matt Tilley, Marg Downey, Michael Veitch and Gary Files, with special guest roles by Shaun Micallef and Tony Martin.

The series has been completely created and animated within Australia and sold to over 30 territories worldwide and has received a number of international animation awards.

After the Dogstar is accidentally relaunched into space, the intrepid Clark kids again set off to find their missing pet dog, Hobart, and bring all the world’s dogs back to Earth.

It is 2348, a year after the heroic crew of the Valiant – Glenn, Simone, Lincoln, Gemma and Gran – located the missing Dogstar and returned its precious canine cargo to Earth. But dog-like aliens, known as Canoids, have been spying on Earth. They don’t like what they see. To them, the dogs appear to be fellow Canoids yet they are walking on all fours, frequently on the end of a leash and – most degrading of all – naked.

After putting the human race into a brief sleep, the Canoids lure every dog on Earth back into the Dogstar, then depart. But almost immediately an accident occurs and the Dogstar is lost in space again, with the inept robots Zeke and Alice at the helm.

Our heroes are determined to find the Dogstar and their beloved Hobart. But it will be harder this time. Not only is the evil genius Bob Santino on their tail again (he has rebuilt his Robog empire, and the last thing he wants is for the real dogs to be returned to Earth), but the Canoids badly want the Dogstar too – and as foes, they’re just as dangerous as Santino.

12pm Saturday July 7th on Nine.


  1. The perfect example of what is wrong with the Australian industry, the second series is the same plot as the first series, and should never have even been funded.

    The first Dogstar looked like it could be an interesting adventure in space, but is one of the worst series I have seen. All the characters (and the entire world) are completely stupid, and any attempts at humor failed completely. The stories never go anywhere, and forget any attempts at on-going plot elements.

    Media World used to produce good series (Animated Ocean Girl, Silver Brumby), but not anymore.

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