Costello’s son to become Nine News reporter

3AW reporter Sebastian Costello, son of former treasurer Peter Costello, is joining Nine News, Melbourne.

The 25 year old has been a reporter and producer for Neil Mitchell’s morning program for the past three years and will join Nine from December 15th.

The Age even teases “there is talk of him being the next Laurie Oakes, albeit with a smaller suit, but he joked about becoming the next Martin Di Stasio, the fictional reporter from spoof current-affairs TV show Frontline.”

Guess there’s no chance of a Macarena dance with Kerri-Anne given she has vacated the building…


  1. @ Kenny…..Its all academic now, the shares I am refering to are the unsold shares left over from the Telstra share floats and parked in the Future Fund by Australia’s best treasurer during the Howard years, to be sold at the best price, not at the low price they were dumped at during the last 12 months? and just before their rapid price increase after the NBN deal was finalised,

    But you are correct when you say that Telstra are now a law unto themselves, thanks to the Nat’s backflip B. J. who gave Johny what he wanted, and is why I am always on about the networks and program over runs etc. resulting in missing out on beginnings and/or endings….I nearly scream/spew every time I’m told by all networks I can easily catch up, by going online, as in true citycentric style they all assume we all have the download speeds to do so, and as Telstra has the monopoly in most rural areas, telstra could not care less, as they charge for plans max speeds they say we “could” get, not what we actually get, and if we do not like their service, we can go somewhere else, Ha Ha Ha!

  2. @advoc8 – and…”how the government then lost its 51% control of Telstra, and now have no influence of Telstra, and, why tens of thousands of homes can’t get a landline telephone, let alone an ADSL internet service”.

  3. I wish young Sebastian all the best as he moves along his career path, from 3AW and Neil Mitchell, now going to the Nine Network and Laurie Oakes territory, seems the die has been well and truely cast.

    What an interesting first Nine News asignment, for him to cut his teeth on, would be an indepth rationalisation as to why our Future Fund board of Directors, chose endorse the unloading of the of our Future Fund Telstra Share portfolio, at their lower value, and immediately before Telstra finalised their NBN $11billion deal, and where everbody was very aware negotiations were nearing completion, and anticipating the resultant jump in the value of those shares?

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