Today Tonight returns February 11

2013-02-01_1438Seven has confirmed Today Tonight will return as a half-four format on February 11 with Helen Kapalos hosting in Sydney and Melbourne.

Plans to permanently roll the show into an extended one-hour Seven News are scrapped, but the network does not rule out revisiting the format when major news dictates.

As Head of Programming Angus Ross told TV Tonight a week ago, “That hour will be more flexible, depending on News events.”

Subsequent media reports have varied between TT being axed to being merged with Seven News. Seven’s public position was it had not made a decision, leading many to question whether the network had not made up its mind or was simply keeping the opposition guessing.

Today The Age reports a new-look TT will be less sensationalist in tone and will have a new set and a segment called “You be the judge”, with Derryn Hinch.

“There will be fewer speed camera and washing powder reports,” the source said. “You’ll see more interesting profiles and stories about inspiring people. There’ll definitely be a change in tone. It won’t be highbrow but you will see less tabloid stuff.”

“However, we retain the right to be flexible in that hour of news and public affairs,” the spokeswoman said. “The hour-long bulletin worked very well during the floods and the bushfires and we could well do it again.”

Sharyn Ghidella has previously been named as host of a Brisbane edition while there are no plans to change locally-produced Adelaide and Perth editions.

Today Kapalos also tweeted:
Please ignore the ridiculous headline on an article about me in the Women’s Weekly. #tabloidcrap #setup


  1. @tomothyd I only noticed that last night. My EPG even said 7News from 6-6.35pm and TT 6.35-7pm, and when Jane Doyle threw to a break at 6:15pm with more news to come as well as what’s ahead in sport, I was like: “Huh?!”.

  2. I’d love to see a Sydney promo. The Melbourne one is all Helen gushing about how much she loves Melbourne and how happy she is living here.
    Sadly, I fear at the first sign of a ratings slump that Helen Wellings will be sent right back to the laundry powder aisle at her local Coles.

  3. Thank you David that made my night….i had to wipe the coffee off the screen.

    Mind you i would be insulted if people thought i had anything to do with a half hour infomercial.

  4. 7 News Adelaide has made a format change this week which I think may continue. It now starts at 6.00pm and finishes at 6.35pm with TT cut down to 25mins, still ending at 7pm

    Normally the news part would end at 6.12pm then turn to sport. It now runs until 6.22pm and the speed cameras, stocks and what’s on TT segment have been brought forward before the sport rather than before weather. So we now get more news, and a little less sport (which is fine with me).

  5. carolemorrissey

    Gee, people are so dumb!!!!! Not surprising it drives you bonkers.

    Well it’s about bloody time they told us what the hell they are doing. The thing that’s annoyed me is the TV guides still have had Today Tonight listed and the ratings are still listing it as Today Tonight. As for it not being sensationalist, I’ll believe that when I see it. I don’t think Tracy has anything to worry about.

  6. Literally LOLed at three things-
    1. The suggestion that there will be fewer speed camera and washing power stories. I give them a month. Tops.
    2. That the show won’t be highbrow. Heaven forbid!
    3. That David gets emails from people thinking he is Today Tonight. Just shows the calibre of the audience who can’t figure out the difference between the words “Today” and “TV”

    • I guess I can look forward to more emails confusing me with TT and whinging about their bank, local council and people that have ripped them off and others that are abusing me for some story that ran on air. Sheesh.

  7. Don’t know if this is good news, after all it’s TT 😉

    What I hate is every night on Seven news they remind us it’s a ‘special’ hour long edition. Really it’s a way to stop viewers turning off after 30 minutes and many do when TT comes on.

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