Airdate: Last Tango in Halifax

2013-03-24_0159ABC upkeeps its feelgood Saturdays with a romantic drama from the BBC starring Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid.

There are 6 episodes in Last Tango in Halifax, but it has already been renewed for a second season.

Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid lead a stunning cast in this heartwarming six-part series from the writer of Scott & Bailey and Unforgiven. This is an uplifiting comedy drama about romance and second chances; about timeless love in a very modern setting.

Childhood sweethearts Celia Dawson (Anne Reid) and Alan Buttershaw (Derek Jacobi), both widowed and in their 70s, haven’t seen one another for sixty years. When they’re reunited via Facebook, they arrange to meet at a cafĂ© in Skipton, and find that their passionate feelings for one another are instantly reignited.

But Alan’s car is stolen, so he and Celia give chase. After a tense car chase at breakneck speed, Celia crashes her car into the back of Alan’s and the culprit escapes on foot. Stranded in Skipton, they ring their respective daughters to come and pick them up, and while waiting discover that a misunderstanding kept them apart all these years.

Apart from being in their mid-forties and having tortuous domestic lives, arrogant, repressed Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) and happy-go-lucky Gillian (Nicola Walker) have almost nothing in common. Seconds before they’re introduced to each other, they fight over a parking space and insult one another viciously. Inside the cafe, Celia and Alan introduce them to one another, and also announce they’re getting married. The ‘snotty bitch’ and the ‘brain-dead low-life trailer trash’ are going to be sisters-in-law…

7:30pm Saturday, 30 March ABC1.


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