Not quite First on Nine?

murderacc9 dIn January I questioned the meaning behind those watermarks “First on Nine,” “First on Seven” and “Exclusive.”

Does it mean the network is the only one with access to the news subject, does it mean they are breaking it before other media (or just their direct competition?), does it mean it’s the first time the story has run on the network, or does it mean the camera angles are some sort of exclusive?

It’s confusing however you look at it.

At the time Nine said, ““Our philosophy with ‘First on Nine’ is that it goes on material that is exclusive to Channel Nine at 6pm. We’ll also use it during the day in various updates where the material is being shown for the first time.”

A Seven spokesperson said, “It refers to an exclusive story, story development or vision which we aired first. It’s used when appropriate.”

In any case this yarn about a murder suspect being driven into court ran at the same time in Wednesday’s 6pm Melbourne news bulletins.

A 25-year-old Preston man was charged with one count of murder over the death of 21 year old Werribee man Shaun Wright, who was found in Johnston Street in Fitzroy early on Sunday morning

murderaccnews7 c
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  1. I’ve always believed that First on Nine or Seven or whatever means that this is the first time it is being shown on that particular station. Whether the story broke earlier does not come into it.

  2. Exactly @poss. The ‘First on Nine’ watermark right through the middle of the screen is ridiculous. You might be first but no one can see what you’re first with!

  3. They’re just slogans and that’s all. So overused that they have become meaningless and just part of the hype designed to distract the audience from noticing the fact that the ‘news’ contains very little actual news.

  4. maybe its just me …..but i dont care….what i do care about is not being able to actually see the footage that is being shown because its covered with stupid watermarks!

  5. Ten News in Melbourne tonight had a ‘First on Ten’ story tonight about police officers with speed cameras camoflauging themselves on the Geelong Ring Road.That story was in this mornings Geelong Advertiser.

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