Reality war as The X Factor takes on Big Brother!

2013-07-17_1038This means war….

The X Factor has confirmed it will launch on Monday July 29 -the very same night Big Brother is expected to begin.

The two Reality juggernauts will see Seven and Nine slug it out for the same demographic with a truckload of money invested heavily into both shows.

In one corner is a Sonia Kruger, a bunch of unknown Australians and a promised “twist” -in the other are celebrity judges including Dannii Minogue and Ronan Keating and aspiring singers.

Nine is yet to confirm its premiere for BB but Dreamworld is selling tickets for the launch on Sunday 28, always filmed a day in advance of the premiere. Presumably Nine will also have the half hour jump on Seven, with Home and Away the traditional 7pm show.

Let’s just hope it isn’t finals week on MasterChef too.


  1. Nine should have chucked a red herring and either extend the blok for a few more weeks, or put the finale on that monday night to impact on X Factor, just as MKR tried with The Voice

  2. X Factor will have it in the bag! Big Brothers promos are terrible hasn’t made me excited for it at all! Plus last years was boring! The X Factors promos are slick and in your face! I know I’ll be watching X!

  3. The Bachelor will not air after MC as it makes no sense to do it as I think Recipe to Riches will take its spot as they had MC:TP then MCA

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