Shane Warne & Today …all is forgiven?

That was quick.

In September Shane Warne was furious with the Today show after the weekend edition made remarks about his personal life.

But this morning he was back on the show, plugging his new personalised emojis.

That’s quite a contrast to when he¬†declared it was “lawyer time,” vowing not to give the Nine show any more of his time.

Possibly puts a new meaning on “king of spin”….


  1. What a backflip!! I felt a little bad for Warne when all the Today cohosts were calling him creepy six weeks ago. Now I feel nothing since it clearly doesn’t bother him anymore

  2. Maybe he has cooled down a bit or someone form ch9 mgt had a word with him.

    But yes it’s amazing how quickly you do move on when you have something to plug.

  3. Same with all of these Sunday Night and 60 Minutes celebrity/star/author interviews. Not available until they have something to flog – movie, DVD, CD, tour, concert, book, etc., or “new personalised emojis”.

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