Steve Price headed to TEN’s jungle?

Rumours are afoot that Steve Price is the “shock jock” heading into the jungle for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

According to News Corp, because he has returned to work earlier than usual the speculation is he will have time off for the TEN series. A pretty good theory.

TEN isn’t giving any other hints on its “outspoken, unapologetically controversial person,” but The Project regular fits the bill.

Meanwhile here are the clues thus far on the others:

A US sitcom star is not only a world famous television actor but also a stand-up comedian who has appeared in over 60 films.

A much-loved, three-time Olympian has had success in sport, business and on television.

One of AFL’s biggest characters and an AFL legend is a straight-talking Brownlow medallist.

A pop diva and soap star has had a number of top 10 hits and is one of the biggest names on Australian television.

TEN is yet to confirm a January 29 airdate.


  1. Anyone have any theories why in three out of three seasons, we have AFL players going in.
    Is this a thing Channel TEN is doing now that they don’t have the AFL anymore?

  2. Remember that TEN only release clues which can apply to several candidates for each description. For every Toni Pearen there is a Natalie Bassingthwaighte, for every Steve Price there is a Ray Hadley, for every Jason Akermanis there is a Dipper.

    • carolemorrissey

      Yeah last year there were rumours that Denise Drysdale was one of them but as she was on Studio 10 the week before when they had already left for the jungle realised she wasn’t.

  3. Stand up comedian with over 60 films + sitcom makes me think it could be one of the Saturday Night Live cast members who have had small parts in lots of movies… Rob Schneider not up to much at the moment?

    • I am very curious who the sitcom star is. Over sixty films?? He would have to be older. John.Goodman? Hmmmm maybe He wouldn’t go.for it. What about jBelushi? When do they announce the names?

  4. Ms_MotorbikeNut

    I have a feeling Channel 10 is either getting the new sitcom Fuller House or is going to show repeats on their Channel 11 of Full House so I think maybe Bob Saget (who played Full House’s Danny Tanner) could be going in.

    As Maureen McCormick (who played Marcia on The Brady Bunch) went in the jungle in 2015 and in 2016 Channel 11 started showing repeats of the Brady Bunch once again.

  5. I like watching I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, but I won’t be able to tolerate this bigot on the show, it’s the reason I don’t watch The Project on Mondays! Why are these old racist, homophobic gerks still allowed to be on TV, is beyond me. New Year, new people, younger people. Please.

      • Steve also did an excellent report on unemployment in adeleides suburb Elizabeth a few years ago. Steve is all about controversy and the theatre of it but would do him good to do more of these social stories on the project. And maybe that is why he is going on celebrity so we can see the real Steve price after a fairly controversial 2016 for him. I like Steve on the project as he does balance up on waleeds biased views ( not that I agree with him on everything) And balance is good!

    • I am the opposite. Monday nights Project is my favourite because he is on it. I really enjoy Pricey and his views whether I agree with him or not

    • As much as I agree (that he’s just the worst of the worse), several times Carrie has mentioned that he’s different away from the cameras then how he is in front of them — If this is so, I would be quite keen to see him heading in to the jungle.

  6. Pricey has always insisted he would never go on the show, but maybe Ch 10 producers have been very persuasive. Andrew Bolt maybe another option?
    AFL player probably Jason Akermanis.

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