Bumped: Homeland

TEN has pushed Homeland back to a 10:30pm start this Sunday following disappointing numbers.

A double episode of 24: Legacy will run from 8:30pm.

The most recent episode of Homeland drew just 129,000 viewers -although 24: Legacy did not fare too much better at 294,000.

Three episodes of Homeland had already run in the US before TEN’s launch whilst 24: Legacy was around a week from its American debut.


    • Because most of the fans would’ve already seen the first three episodes weeks ago to before the ‘sleeply’ Oz networks decided to televise the episodes here.

  1. I gave up on this season of ’24’ after the bit in the 1st ep when the terrorist chip was fitted into the black Jack character’s phone and worked with no encryption or password and was in English-‘Homeland’ is still moderately interesting but nothing like as compelling as the first few seasons-will make reasonable late night viewing now.

  2. The first two episodes of 24 Legacy were shown on consecutive days in the US and the third last week so this double episode should catch us up. Channel 10 have only shown two episodes of Homeland but the US has already had five. Their definition of ‘fast tracking’ is different to mine.

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