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SBS has pushed Homeland to a later timeslot from next week.

SBS has pushed Homeland to a later timeslot from next week.

It will now screen at 10:55pm Friday instead of 8:30pm. In its place is the 2005 movie Syriana.

The move is due to ratings, with the last episode at just 62,000.

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  1. Unless there’s something better for the timeslot I’m not sure why the SBS would reduce Homeland’s audience further especially when the season is coming to a close, but there is SBS On Demand if you can get it. Homeland has lost some of its credibility with Peter Quinn’s demise, a complete revamp was in order but as it’s Claire Danes show that was never going to happen, perhaps the Homeland producers should take note of British spy shows who are less precious with their main character actors and keep the topics current and interesting with just enough of a twist in the end.

  2. We’ve stayed with it since the early days – find some plot threads a little beyond the ken but overall it’s still enjoyable.
    Thanks for the heads up – will adjust recorder this morning.

    1. Most US shows now don’t find an “audience” in Australia. Too many other ways to watch them that are better quality, more reliable and don’t require you to wait or find shows at obscure times on different nights. I noticed last night when i was watching the “news” for bush fire updates that even Young Sheldon which rated well has now been pulled from the schedule and will move nights when it returns in 3 weeks. Seriously, what sort of programming is that.

      Really enjoying Homeland this year. With the exception of a handful of episodes a few seasons back, the show has generally been great.

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