Airdate: Fearless

New 6 part UK thriller featuring begins next Sunday on ABC.

New UK thriller Fearless begins next Sunday on ABC.

The 6 part drama stars Helen McCrory (Peaky Blinders, Penny Dreadful) as human rights lawyer Emma Banville, who sets out to prove the innocence of Kevin Russell, convicted for the murder of schoolgirl Linda Simms.

The series is created by Patrick Harbinson (Homeland, 24) and aired in the UK in June.

Firmly believing there has been a miscarriage of justice, Emma is determined to reveal the truth behind Linda’s death and is prepared to go to extreme lengths to discover what happened and free Kevin. However, as Emma digs deeper into the case, risking her career, personal life and reputation, she begins to sense powerful forces at play within the police and intelligence services who want to stop her uncovering the truth.

9:30pm Sunday September 17 on ABC.

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