MasterChef filming in Japan

MasterChef Australia is off to Japan this year.

The TEN series is currently filming a week of challenges for its upcoming season. It follows from previous seasons visiting the US, Italy, UK, Hong Kong, Dubai and France.

“For us to go anywhere there has to be an amazing food culture and Japan has it,” Matt Preston told News Corp.

“Tokyo boasts 227 Michelin-starred restaurants. Around every corner and down every alley there is something exciting.”

The first day of filming is at Tokyo’s famed Sensoji Temple, which is nearly 1000 years old. Mount Fuji is the backdrop for another episode.


  1. carolemorrissey

    Glad they’ve gone back to filming overseas. They stopped going for a few years. They also used to go to other states. When it was based in Sydney they went to Melbourne & Western Australia.

  2. I can’t wait to see the original & still the best cooking show back on top. Hope ito shows MKR they are no longer king in the rating too.

  3. Wow looking forward to this!, having been to the Sensoji temples and markets on my two trips – it’s truly an amazing lace, I’m sure they’ll capture the colour and sense of tradition brilliantly

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