60 Minutes: July 2

The real question for this weekend’s 60 Minutes is not what stories it offers up, but what time the show will screen?

Last weekend it was scheduled for 9:30 and began at 9:50. This weekend it follows the Grand Final for The Voice. Should we just put down 10pm? Tick, tick, tick…

Patient 71
Five years ago Julie Randall was told she was going to die. No ifs, no buts. Doctors not only said she had melanoma, but that the cancer had spread throughout her body. They said it was incurable and she’d be lucky if she survived the next nine months. But instead of despairing, Julie did something incredible. She made a promise to her family that she wouldn’t die. Then she did something even more amazing. Through sheer determination – and with time quickly running out – she forced her way onto an experimental drug trial in the United States. There had only been space for 70, until Julie became patient 71. This, however, was just the beginning of Julie Randall’s inspiring battle for survival.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Garry McNab

Work Til You Drop
While he doesn’t look it or feel it, Charles Wooley is nudging 70. It’s led him to some serious introspection about his existence, and even more sombrely, contemplation of the “R” word. No, he still loves reporting for 60 Minutes, but shouldn’t he have retired at 65? Shouldn’t his constant companion these days be a fishing rod instead of a typewriter? But as Wooley discovers, retirement is a word most Australians can no longer afford to dream about. The more likely reality, as former federal treasurer Peter Costello – who is now Wooley’s boss at Channel Nine – has been warning us about for more than two decades, is that we’ll have to work until we drop.
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Jo Townsend

Chicago Without Hope
Imagine living in a place where every two hours someone is shot, and every 14 hours someone is murdered. It isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan, but one of the biggest and most sophisticated cities in the world: Chicago. On the city’s south side, which is considered the heart of black America, gang rivalry is tearing its people apart. It has become so brutal that both police and the perpetrators agree this urban warfare is out of control. Liz Hayes ventures into what is now dubbed Chiraq to meet the people who are fighting for survival on the frontline.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Phil Goyen

9:30pm Sunday on Nine.


  1. There was a time when you could count on 60 minutes starting at exactly 7.30 every sunday night. Now it’s just all over the place. The days of programs starting in half hour blocks seems to be long gone. 60 minutes must hate programming

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I always liked 60 Minutes……..but as I have stated before…I will not work that hard…chasing a program….I want to turn on…same time each week …if it is not there….that is the networks bad luck….I am off…elsewhere.

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