Evicted: Nick

Big Brother’s only openly gay housemate, Nick has been evicted.

Nick, from Melbourne, entered the house as the winner of the Starburst contest, amid fan criticism that the selection was not a fair process.

The Behind Big Brother website also claims Nick was a previous “top 30” shortlist housemate for the current series.

Nick told Gretel he wished he had been himself more, a tougher, ‘straight-shooting’ less-kinder individual. He accused Emma of being two faced but said he connected with Thomas. Nick reckons it was tough going sharing house with some housemates prone to regular farting and “every word in O.” He most missed the newspaper and sex.

Nick is one of many gay reality contestants in the Big Brother series but unlike Johnny and David in previous years, didn’t enjoy a groundswell of support in the gay community. Perhaps, the “gay reality contestant” is now a cliche?

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  1. It is a pity Nick is gone, I did like him, but he was not the “stand out” kind of character of Farmer Dave or Johnny. He also pissed me off when he first arrived saying that he was this and that and came accross as a shallow drama queen.
    May have lasted longer if he was in from the start …
    It is interesting that the Gay Community did not jump on his bandwagon this time … I don’t think it is about “gay reality contestants” but more about Nick himself … he should have done a lot more with that idea to pretend that he and Thomas were in a relationship … and BB should have jumped at the chance to exploit that idea too!
    Thomas is just so gorgeous!

  2. Yes, she did, didn’t she? She’ll tell someone off for feeding her that bit of incorrect info, that’s for sure! She doesn’t like being made to look foolish (which she didn’t, but still, she wouldn’t have been happy!).

  3. Gretel actually said to Nick when he was evicted, “Now, you’d actually auditioned for BB before, hadn’t you?” His response: “No, I’ve never applied before. I did think about it in Series 2 and got as far as filling in the Internet forms, but I’d never applied before” (or words to that effect).

    Of course, this hasn’t been mentioned on Behind Big Brother – they tend to be quick to jump on rumours that reflect poorly on the producers of the show, but no so quick to retract them when they’re proven to be false!

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