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Original Housemates:
Aleisha, 20 (VIC) Winner
* Andrew, 29 (VIC) Evicted
Bodie, 24 (WA) Evicted.
Emma, 24 (NSW) Evicted
* Hayley, 24 (VIC) Evicted
Jamie, 29 (VIC) Evicted
Joel, 24 (SA) Evicted
Kate, 25 (VIC) Evicted.
Rebecca, 23 (QLD) Evicted
Theresa-Jane (TJ), 22, (NT) Evicted.
Thomas, 27, (WA) Evicted
Travis, 32 (VIC) Evicted

* boyfriend / girlfriend

Additional Housemates:
Susannah, 30 (VIC) Evicted
Zoran, 23 (QLD) Evicted
# Billy, 23 (NSW) Evicted
Nick 25 (Vic) Golden Key winner. Evicted.

Danielle Evicted
Laura Evicted
Zach Runner Up
Michelle Evicted

White Room:
Cruz, 23 (QLD) (took $750 and quit)
Demet, 25 (VIC) (enters the House) Evicted
Harrison, 20 (NSW) (out)
Kara, 18 (NSW) (out)

Prize Money: $450,000

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  1. The new boy Nick (gay boy) has made a plan with Thomas to pretend to the house that they are in a gay relationship … Thomas was totally unfazed by Nick’s suggestion and very happy to play along. The discussion happened when the two of them were alone in the sauna … how appropriate! This will be fun!

  2. Well that settles it … the Australian voting public are fools! (and so are the BB producers).
    With Bodie voted out of the house the conflict that has made it so interesting this year is gone … I am happy TJ is gone, she was a cow, but Bodie was the best thing to happen to BB in a long time.
    It really is time to change how things work on these “reality” programs and the producers really MUST start to rig the shows to some extent to at least keep someone like Bodie in the house … watch the ratings disappear now!
    Don’t leave these things totally up to the public … they always get it wrong!
    The only reason they would not do it is MONEY … they fear that if the public thought that their votes could be overridden then very few would actually bother to vote so they would not make money.

  3. I actually watched a bit last night, flicking accross in the ad breaks during Dancing With The Stars.
    The Mr X – Billy is very easy on the eye, pity there’s no Uncut this year is all I will say!!! 🙂

  4. Wednesday already … i am REALLY enjoying this year’s BB! (And I am surprised about that!).
    The “drama” between Haley, Andrew, Thomas and Billy is excellent … almost like it is scripted in a TV Drama! The rest of the “cast” are like the supporting characters that help with highlighting the relevant conflict. Brilliant work BB!!!!

    All these little comments from Andrew and other about “is there no gay housemate” … i think that it would be more obvious in the real world just where on the fence these boy actually sit. Personally, I would love to see Andrew and Thomas get together (but that is just my little fantasy) … they are both so naturally sexy and I just want to hug Andrew and tell him it will be OK … he is really getting an emotional beating from the other three.

    And the exhibitionist Bodie … this is one year that we desperately need “Uncut”!!!!!

    There is actually no-one that I dislike so far this year … but a couple of the girls are fast approaching my list for eviction.
    Loving it!!!!

  5. BB Uncut is NOT porn, and nothing on the show that I’ve seen has exceeded the M rating (apart from perhaps the infrequent sexualised nudity in an episode or two and some of the more explicit sexual references).

    Anybody else find it ironic that the MA15+ content is restricted to the 18+ audience? 😛

    It doesn’t bother me that it’s not on anymore since I only partially watched like 3 episodes since it’s inception in 2001, but I think they provided an intriguing insight into what happens inside the house that may not be suitable for more impressionable viewers.

    And I think they should limit the loading of this series. There’s just WAYYYY too much BB on every week. 7pm weekdays along with the nominations/evictions should be enough, although the show is so cheap to produce that they probably wouldn’t mind panning it out. I couldn’t care for the 2-hour 11.30pm shows since I’d rather they played that over those bloody infomercials.

  6. I can’t believe they’re dragging this cat out for another year. And it looks like there won’t be an OCD contestant and it’s just a lame stunt by the producers to generate some pre-show controversy. How boring. There’s a great article on it at

    And why do you need the uncut shows? Don’t you have a computer to download porn on, like normal people?!

  7. So Big Brother is back for another year *yawn* – with all there reality shows why cant 10 invest some money into quality Australian drama & comedy, aside from Neighbours what other drama do they have?

  8. Here we go again!
    Love Gretel, love Mike, Ryan and Bree can go jump (boring). Also hate the Friday Night thing. I really miss the Uncut … stuff the prudes in Parliamant and the vocal minority of fanatical Christians … bring back Uncut at a later time … there is worse on SBS evey week!!!
    If the contestants are unattractive then it will not keep people watching … don’t be foolish … and more obcessive compulsives would be great!

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