Gallery: Neighbours

Here’s some hot off the press pics of the new Neighbours which returns with a wedding and a tragedy on July 23.

Be warned, there are spoilers amongst these photos, showing several regular cast members in peril.

Don’t go if you don’t wanna know!


  1. Hey,
    The photos do spoil but all of my friends and i are wwondering who dies because we think cause steph was crying on fridays episode we all think it might be libby but it cant be libby because she is the one that her mum wants to have the baby for her!!??? It cant be bridget because she has a baby and she has declan! The people who make neighboursare very good and not telling us to much that is about to happen on neighbours!!! Anyway most of my friends like home and away but i hate that show its boring and i tell them to watch neighbours an dwhenthey do they love it!!!!!!! And i go to them see i told u neighbours is the best show in the world we should win some of those logies!!!!anyway can’t wait to see mondays episode catcha later xoxoxoxoxox Ur #1 fan Victoria!!!!!!! P.S Please read this i love neighbous and if i miss neighbours i would die!!! i cant top watching it it is the best show in the world!!!! sorry it is so long but i just love it so much i cant take my fingers away from the keyboard !!! ok i will stop bye!!! xoxo

  2. Please vote for them! Neighbours (the show itself), Jackie and Alan have a better chance of making it to the shortlist for the ozzies.

  3. Good! I hope everybody dies in a crash crash. They’re all in one limo and then a massive truck whacks into them and kills them all. Then Ramsay Street is destroyed by a massive hurricane/earthquake/tidal wave all at the same time. I cant wait for the episode mentioned above ^^

  4. Fans of Jackie Woodburne (Neighbours, Susan Kennedy) and Alan Fletcher (Neighbours, Karl Kennedy)

    Neighbours has never won anything in this country it would be nice for the show to be recognised for a change, and besides it would be nice for the Neighbours cast to visit the UK (again!)

    Most Popular Actress
    Jackie Woodburne Neighbours (Susan Kennedy) (Number 25)
    Jackie one of the most powerful, conniving and underrated actresses in Australia,

    She is a much-loved actress in Australia and by viewers – so please vote for her and Alan (Karl Kennedy)

    Most Popular Actor
    Alan Fletcher Neighbours (Karl Kennedy) (Number 32)

    Most Popular Serial Drama
    Neighbours (vote for to at least be nominated, as we know its not going to win)

    Spread the word to Neighbours, Alan and Jackie fans!!

    NB: The Neighbours nominated cast are more known to the British TV industry and the British public than the h&a cast members, so vote for Neighbours to represent the Australian TV industry in Britain.

  5. Its great that Libby is returning, but what about her partner Darren played by the very talented and underrated Todd MacDonald? I was happy when they finally got back together.

  6. That is so cool but I might watch the first ep as Janelle and Bree are already gone from the show!! so yeah who knows what about new credits??

  7. While there may eventually be some truth in your thoughts, let’s wait until the ep airs rather than make claims from still photos. It’s all about how they handle it really.

    I may have the ep here somewhere I’ll try to have a look. TEN had previously sent a later ep before the July 23 big one…

  8. Sillygostly

    Oh, how convenient that Frazer would be miraculously cured of his disability in time for his wedding. Pathetic. Someone breaks his legs and reduce him to the wheelchair again. I’m sick of these unrealistic soapie conventions that are better known as bloody “plot twists”. He should have stayed disable.

    And Toadie looks like an absolutely joke in the “car accident”. And how come we can’t see any blood? Even the infamous Stu/Flick car accident a few years ago was way more detailed than this.

    A few gimmicky episodes over the next few weeks won’t save this show.

  9. These look fantastic!

    I really can’t wait for ther 23 July!

    I like the idea of ‘Back to Basics’, including the return of Mal and Libby Kennedy.

    I hope we see more returnees…Cough*Mrs Mangle*cough!

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