Rove returns as ARIAs host

Rove McManus will host the 2007 ARIA Awards.

It is a return to the role for him after a three-year break.

His co-hosts for the evening will be James Mathison and Hamish and Andy.

The ceremony on Sunday October 28 kicks off at 8:30pm. TEN will also screen the ARIA Red Carpet from 7pm with an ‘Australian Made’ theme for Australian Idol sandwiched in the middle in its usual 7:30 slot. In previous years this has been pre-recorded to allow the contestants and judges to attend the event.

This week Rove told The Age he often thought about being over-exposed. “That’s why I haven’t said yes to the ARIAs for the last couple of years. I thought that people were getting a bit sick of me. So I tried to step out of the limelight for a little bit.”

Roving Enterprises will again produce the event, which has generally received industry acclaim. As McManus’ contract comes up for renewal with TEN later this year, the host can look back on 2007 as a year of highs and lows. Following the death of wife Belinda Emmett, Rove took 6 months off, bounded back with a renewed tonight show, won Logies, appeared twice on Jay Leno’s show and has had a strong launch with Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

So far the answer is yes.


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  2. so Rove’s crime is naming a company after himself? Well, lock him up and throw away the key! I suppose we should have done the same to Reg Grundy and Hector Crawford!! And his company has produced a few bombs?? Well, name one producer in this country that has a perfect strike rate??

    But seriously, someone has a serious chip on his/her shoulder about Rove and needs to get over themselves.

    Personally, I am not a great Rove fan but i don’t dislike him. OK he’s not the funniest guy on TV but since when is that a crime? He has a very likable personality and that always comes across well. Good luck to him.

  3. The Irwins work for the enviorment and are invloved in things that help maintain balance in the world..

    Rove works for himself.

    Rove isnt as succsefull as the Kath and Kims and the chasers of this country, his just barely holding steady ground.

    And this is the buinsess called Rove enterprises?? He named it after himself 😛

    Wanna list the bombs they have produced?? To many to list.

  4. I don’t know where the first person on this post is coming from, but I think Rove must have aggreaved him at some time..
    I work in the TV industry(not for Rove) and I thought I should state what I know.Rove is very liked and respected by comedians, “TV” stars, and singers.Of all the TV stars , he is the one star I never hear a bad word about him.There are many TV hosts who are very unpopular in the industry .He’s great fun to be around and thankfully employs over 80 people.
    Most of the Aussies who have been on Jay Leno are actors or singers who are promoting some movie or song.

  5. If Rove was as untalented as what you say anon (1) then he wouldn’t have been as successful in the industry as he has. It all comes down to personal taste as anon (2) said. Sometimes I watch him, sometimes I don’t. Apart from his on-screen performances he runs a successful business which creates industry related employment for a significant number of people. He also appears to be a very genuine person.

    The whole “sympathy vote” argument is extremely overrated – and akin to the favourite sport of of some, known as “Bindi Bashing”. So, if you are having career success and have recently experienced personal trauma – then that success is not related to your talent and hard work, but solely the publicity and emotion surrounding the tragedy.

  6. “Rove increased the ratings of his show by over 100,000 an episode..If you don’t like him don’t watch him..simple..His shows do bring in income for Channel 10..Fifth grade rates well…
    He is the only “unknown” Aussie personality to appear on Leno..that is a big deal..Newton Summers,Eddie,..never appeared on US tv despite being big in Australia+”

    Sympathy factor is a huge kudos for your ratings… Id thanks Pete Hellier for about 50% of those ratings. And “unknow” Aussie personality?? Maybe you should watch American talk shows more, they have guys who collect lint on ffs. Being big in Australia is a bit of an oxy moron.
    And I dont watch ROve, but the post is about him and the Aria’s, which he should stay the hell away from.
    In Aussie COmedian circles theres this thing called “street cred”. Rove has next to no respect in these regards as he was never a hugely popular stand-up comedian that went to talk shows like the American counter parts, He did a feew weeks on the road ten years ago, then basically forced himself down the throats of AUssie veiwers for a decade before he was considered “popular”
    The only person making a big deal about Rove being on Leno is ROve, and people without cable.
    Eddie on Leno?? WHy?? His main forte is Aussie rules!!! And Bert, rofl, When Bert was in his prime Leno and his counterparts wernt even on the air lol.
    Want to name the aussie bands that have featured on US talk shows?? Too many to list, how about Aussie actors?? Again to many to list.
    If you really think Rove is a talented hilarious comedian, 1. You need to go out more and 2. You have to be about 16 years old…

  7. Rove increased the ratings of his show by over 100,000 an episode..If you don’t like him don’t watch him..simple..His shows do bring in income for Channel 10..Fifth grade rates well…
    He is the only “unknown” Aussie personality to appear on Leno..that is a big deal..Newton Summers,Eddie,..never appeared on US tv despite being big in Australia

  8. Its pretty simple, Rove is not funny. Never has been never will be.
    Saw his show when he had John Hedder on and that hilarious guy from Arrested Development, it was cringe worthy..
    He smashed a large packet of chips on his desk sending oven baked potato all over the place, Gallagher stuff.
    And why does he yell every joke?? He knows his jokes are lame so maybe the extra volume just gets him over the line.
    As for his Leno appearances, damn, a truck load of Aussies have been on Leno, Letterman and Conan but Rove seems to think he is the only one to have ever appeared on it!!
    Yep, he is the Daryl Sommers for the new generation, at least Sommers was funny at one point in his life (a long time ago) and then got bad, Rove started of bad and then got worse…
    One tru tell sign is the most reputable production company in AUstralia, Working Dog wont go near Rove with a Barge Pole and radioactive suits.
    The only person that gets off on Rove, is Rove.
    Stay away fro the ARIAs, there in enough trouble as it is without getting him tied to them. Julia from rockwizz should host em..
    And Hamish and Andy?? Some acts are great, but when they geta whiff of popularity it goes right to there head and screws em up, Hamish and Andy are prime examples of this…
    That Caravan stint theyve over promoted is a bomb, home movie worth quality.
    Ten only hang on to him because of the awful run there having these last couple of years. Its clear Rove does nothing for a companies ratings or income.
    Get him off the air and let him go back to promoting WWE wrestling events in Aus..

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