Secret Life actor ‘assaulted stranger’

Actor Sam Johnson will plead guilty to an assault charge laid after an incident at a Star City Casino in September.

Johnson is undergoing treatment for alcohol abuse, his lawyer told a Sydney court today.

A bar brawl he was involved with was a case of “mistaken identity” he said.

Police allege Johnson “launched” himself at a stranger before repeatedly punching him. He allegedly stomped on the head of the man .

Johnson contacted police the next day and admitted, “I kicked him in the head”. He is said to have completed a seven-day alcohol rehabilitation in a Victorian hospital the week before.

He also contacted the Herald-Sun to admit of his mistake.

“My behaviour was completely unacceptable, I am disgusted with myself and I am genuinely sorry,” Johnson said.

“I reacted badly when I should have walked away. I just wish I had walked away.

“I just wanted to put my hand up and take responsibility for my actions, out of respect for all the people who have shown me support over the years.”

Johnson is known to have taken the death of his former partner heavily.

The former Secret Life of Us actor last appeared as host of SBS’ Bluelist Australia series in June.

The case was adjourned until November 1.

Additional source: The Age

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