Spoiler: Neighbours character returns

This is by no means a scoop nor an exclusive. Diehard fans have probably already heard this news before.

But now I can detail how another former Neighbours character makes their return to Ramsay Street. Spoilers ahead:

Todd MacDonald will return as Darren Stark, “Libby’s” estranged husband.

He returns to the series on screen from Tuesday November 27. It’s being pitched by TEN as a “shock return.” I kinda think having Charlene, Henry or even Madge would qualify as a “shock” return. I’d even settle for Bouncer.

Todd MacDonald as ‘Darren Stark’ spent most of his time between 1996 – 1998. He had a 10 week role in 2004 and appeared in the 2005 anniversary documentary.

Darren Stark returns to the street amid a medical crisis ailing Susan, Libby is upset at her condition. When Darren returns to Libby she is still fuming over what turns out to be an affair he was having. But Libby lashes out at father Karl too, for his similar trangressions.

Meanwhile find accommodation with Harold and Lou, looking set for an on-going attempt at patching up his marriage. Libby doesn’t look like budging.

‘Darren Stark’ returns to Neighbours 6:30pm Tuesday November 27.

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  1. I hardly think this will help at all with their low ratings. They need to scrap the annoying and boring characters like the Parker family, Ringo and Zeke. They need to write some new story lines too – I’m getting so sick of the same crap time and time again!

  2. I think was fairly obvious he would be returning. Libby shows up, clearly having marriage troubles. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Darren would follow. What bugs me is, didn’t we see a storyline just like this not long ago with someone else?

  3. Yeah hardly a surprise but thanks anyway. When i saw Todd i was thinking THE Todd but then he’s dead and on Sea Patrol! Would love to see a big name like Henry come back. Let’s face it what is he doing anyway.

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