Farewell Kate!

Thanks for the memories, Kate Ritchie.

I know there’s still a few more story turns before you leave our screens, but I want to acknowledge the mammoth effort you put in over the years on Home and Away. Is there any plot twist, line of dialogue or reference to Yabby Creek you haven’t conquered?

Yesterday Kate Ritchie filmed her final scenes on the series that has made her a household name. They will air in April.

“It’s a new beginning for me. I don’t know myself without Sally Fletcher,” she said.

“It’s so hard to explain because on the other hand there is this overwhelming sense of excitement as well. A lot of people are joking about whether I will enjoy retirement, but I really feel like it’s the beginning of something,” she said.

Ritchie takes up a regular role on Nova’s Sydney Breakfast team.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, producers paid tribute to her on the set last night. Tonight she will be the guest of honour at a farewell party thrown by the show’s cast and crew. Tomorrow night she will have a small family dinner.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Photo: Back to the Bay

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  1. I haven’t watched Home & Away in YEARS (since 2000?), although Kate’s final episode should have been a 1 hour clip-show (around 20 minutes of new footage and the farewell, and 20 minutes of classic Kate clips spread out across the show). That would have been a fitting end to a long-running character, I think.

  2. I just hope Seven give her the on-air farewell she deserves.
    Would it kill them to give her a 30 min primetime special on her 20 years in the show or just something out of the ordinary to thank her for her years of dedicated service

  3. It really is the end of an era on Australian TV. Kate is a phenomenal young lady and I hope she goes out on a high note by scoring the Silver and Gold double at the Logies again in 2008. David, you clearly have a very high opinion of her and given your inside knowledge of the industry, I’d say this is an excellent sign that Kate really is all she’s cracked up to be 🙂

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