Foreign Correspondent trimmed

As previously rumored, Foreign Correspondent has had ten minutes trimmed from its programme next year. With the expected dropping of The Bill on Tuesday evenings, the current affairs series moves to a new starting time of 9:30pm, ten minutes later than usual.

Reporter Mark Corcoran now fronts the show as its presenter. He has been with the show for ten years. He has also received a Walkley Award for his coverage of the conflict in Sierra Leone.

Press Release:

ABC TV’s flagship international current affairs program, Foreign Correspondent, is returning next season with a new presenter and a new timeslot.

At the new time of 9.30pm on Tuesdays, (previously at 9.20pm) the program will be fronted by Mark Corcoran, one of the ABC’s most experienced and decorated foreign correspondents.

In 1992, after a career in commercial television and with SBS, Mark joined the ABC as a producer on Four Corners.

From 1994 to 1997 Mark was a Sydney-based reporter/producer on ABC TV’s Lateline and was briefly ABC TV’s Washington Correspondent before joining Foreign Correspondent.

For the past ten years, Mark has been a reporter/producer for the program, filing reports from 35 countries, with a particular focus on South-West Asia. Since September 11, 2001, he has reported extensively on the regional impact of the ongoing “war on terror”.

Mark received the Walkley Award for Best International Report (All Media) for his coverage of the conflict in Sierra Leone, a High Commendation from the Walkley Committee for his reporting on Afghanistan’s Taliban regime and the UTS/George Munster Award for Independent Reporting.

His international awards include Gold and Silver World Medals from the New York TV Festivals for his reporting in Iran and Sierra Leone, and the Mohamed Amin/Reuters Award for an Outstanding Contribution to International News-gathering, for his investigation of the opium industry in Afghanistan.

This year, Mark was a finalist in the Walkley Awards for his reporting from Kurdistan.
The Head of National Programs for ABC News, Alan Sunderland, says “Mark’s new role as presenter of Foreign Correspondent will bring a new dimension to the program. His interviewing, based on his vast experience in international journalism, will be a major asset. At the same time, the program’s format will allow him to continue to travel and report.”

Foreign Correspondent will return to ABC TV on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 9.30pm.


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