Just not women’s cricket

Nine has dropped Stephanie Brantz, its sole female cricket commentator, from the team.

Brantz claims, “Management told me that the cricketers refused to do the post-match interviews with me and only wanted to be interviewed by Mark Taylor and Ian Healy.”

But Cricket Australia’s, Peter Young, denied cricketers having a problem with her. “They don’t have gender concerns,” he told The Age.

Young said Cricket Australia encouraged broadcasters to include women journalists to lift the number of women watching the game.

Brantz says she was disappointed in being made to file reports on the Barmy Army and Lara Bingle, player Michael Clarke’s girlfriend. “I was embarrassed by what the role turned into compared to what was publicised prior to the event,” Brantz said.

Brantz’s removal follows Nine not renewing LA correspondent Christine Spiteri to its news team.

Source: The Age.

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  1. Channel nine does it again.
    Morning TV speaks about young girls not having role models, they complain about females copying incorrect body image celebraties, they dispute what most young women really want in the order of a role model and here we have a channel that treats it’s female employees with disrespect and discrimination. Nine should be ashamed of it’s record with female employee’s, where are these new age senititive male employee’s that claim to support equally for women. How could a female journalist expect any better work conditions when the actual sports programs themselves don’t even show women’s sport stories, let alone stories on sport by females.
    The Women’s Cricket World Cup is in Australia in 2009 and we have heard next to nothing. The Women’s soccer team preformed so well and they got the bare minimin of coverage.
    Cricket Australia says they have no gender issues working with female reporters but what is their track record in supporting their own Womens team. No contracts, all the girls have full time jobs and train full time for the world cup. Before CA go saying it has nothing to do with our players not wanting to speak to female reports maybe CA should cover their own bases and start supporting finaincally their womens players. Then they could be as outraged at the discrimination being shown by nine as the rest of us.

    The mens club must stop sooner or later, we have a female deptuy prime iminiter, we are 50% of the sport watching population, our dollars are as strong as the male dollars. When we these sorry old men finally work out women count.

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