Kath and Kim off for 2008?

Kath and Kim look certain to be absent from our screens in 2008.

Producer Rick McKenna confirmed Jane Turner and Gina Riley were exhausted after their hit series this year. They have advised Seven they are on holiday until March.

“Gina and Jane never lock into a series until they have a good idea of what they want to do and even then they will still pause and reflect,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“A project is never subject to a deal for them – it is about Gina and Jane feeling it is good enough and that they have a strong idea for a project and that may be something other than Kath and Kim.

Kath and Kim have not been ruled out from another project, but whether that is a live stage show or a new series has not been decided. They may well be rested.”

With almost an 18 month turnaround from concept to screening it means there is unlikely to be any series on air next year.

The girls have traditionally liked to rest the show from becoming over-exposed, and allowing themselves time to be creative. Their focus in 2008 will no doubt be towards other projects and the development of the US series.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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  1. Over exposed??? ROFL
    Nooo you wouldnt want that to happen….

    Typical Aussie format, 5 jokes, repeated over and over again.

    I think when you buy a newspaper and you get a free kath and kim dvd, you know your over exposed.

  2. Kath & Kim ran out of laughs and ideas about two series back – and they really should have known better after the woefully unfunny “Da Kath and Kim Code” telemovie. Time to let these characters lie and come up with something fresh.

  3. to respond to comment #1.. K&K is a very small production. Most US sitcoms have a team of writers, producers, etc and a budget that most Aussie shows would only dream of, that’s how they can turn out 23 episodes in 12 months. And also, how good are most US sitcoms anyway?
    I also think it would have been foolish to agree to more than one season. I’ve loved K&K back to days of Big Girl’s Blouse, but I really feel it is a series that only has legs when there’s plenty of ideas to fill a series so best to only do it if they’ve got fuel in the tank. Force them into 3 seasons and I think that would see some of the episodes wear very thin. I agree with Jack, a stage show would be fun.. one of the extras on one of their dvds had them on stage at a music festival in the UK and that was hilarious

  4. Sad that there will be no K&K for 2008 … love the idea of a stage show (Little Britain style) … that would be FABULOUS!!!!
    7 were very foolish not to have locked in further series. Perhaps they will now fill the gap with the other great ABC comedy genius … Chris Lilley (Summer Heights High)!!!!

  5. Thank god! This has to be one of the most unfunny locally produced shows, among the likes of The Wedge and The Nation. I don’t see why this show is so popular – it’s unbearably embarrassing!

  6. I’m disgusted to think that they would even SUPPORT the development of the US version. >:(

    For two women who are so fussed about quality, I’m disappointed that they would just sell out like this.

  7. I love Kath & Kim, haven’t missed an episode, have all their DVDs and ra ra ra, but how can they be exhausted after 8 episodes?

    Anyway, I’m sure we’ve heard this “We don’t know whether we’ll be back” tune from them previously.

  8. God Seven should have locked have locked them up for three more seasons at least, not just one.

    These girls must have some power for Seven to have only got a one season deal out of them. It must have been one season of nothing for them, a deal to good to knock back.

    I love Kath & Kim. It’s brilliant. I can’t get enough/ But 18 month process to create 8 x 30 minute episodes? Most US sitcoms turn out 23 episodes in 12 months. I’m not saying they should do 23 episodes. Kath & Kim may well just work in short bursts. But 18 months for 8 eps???

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