Seven deals put rivals on back foot

So any truth to the rumour that the two deals Seven has announced in the last 48 hours have rivals reeling?

As Variety reports, “NBC U deal formalizes a 50-year casual relationship and blocks CanWest’s Ten Network from sharing NBC U output, as it has traditionally done. NBC U has delivered Heroes, Las Vegas and Bionic Woman to Seven, while Ten profited from House and the Law & Order franchise.”

TV Tonight understands a “spanner” has indeed been thrown in TEN’s programming works, and this only 1 day after Ten Network’s executive chairman, Nick Falloon, addressed issues relating to the WGA Strike to shareholders.

Meanwhile Seven’s close bond with Granada which was re-affirmed today won’t make David Gyngell too happy either.

As Variety again notes, “Deal will be particularly galling for Seven’s chief competitor, Nine, now topped by former Granada USA chief David Gyngell.”

And they were only referring to the NBCU deal.

Source: Variety

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  1. I suppose if you consider the number of new shows TEN will lose because of the NBC/U deal vs the new shows they will gain with the 20th C Fox deal, TEN are still better off now than a year or two ago.

  2. Basically TEN retains what it has but misses out on new NBCU product. Previously they had dibs on the Universal shows while 7 had NBC. Now it gets them all.

    Gyngell won’t be happy Granada went to Seven either.

  3. So what does this deal mean for NBC Universal programs like House and Law & Order? Will they continue to be shown on Ten, in a similar fashion to Ten’s deal with 20th Century Fox (which sees some Fox-produced programs like 24 to be shown on Seven), or will they move to Seven as well?

  4. Sounds like TEN will be affected as they will lose the rights to potential product? Nine may be affected indirectly but I don’t think they’d be too concerned. Seems like hype to me.

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