Airdate: Cashmere Mafia

Nine will premiere Cashmere Mafia after second outing of Underbelly.

It will premiere 9:30pm Wednesday February 20.

The series produced by Darren Star is a direct rival to Seven’s Lipstick Jungle, created by Sex and the City writer Candace Bushnell -yet to premiere in the US.

Cashmere Mafia stars Australia’s own Miranda Otto and Frances O’Connor alongside Luicy Liu and Bonnie Somerville.

Nine follows the premiere with a repeat of The Dame Edna Treatment with guests Shane Warne, Alan Alda and Sophie Ellis-Bextor at 10:35pm.

Anyone else think that photo looks straight out of Satisfaction?

From the producers of Sex And The City, starring Lucy Liu along with Australia’s Francis O’Connor and Miranda Otto, the Cashmere Mafia are a group of four ambitious, sexy women in New York who have been best friends since business school. Mia, Zoe, Juliet and Caitlin seem to have it all, but at what price do they have to pay to stay on top of their game? These driven and compelling women use their valuable friendship to keep centred in what is predominately a man’s world. Also stars Bonnie Sommerville and Peter Hermann.

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  1. They’re putting it on after Underbelly? Somehow don’t see these two shows working well together. Totally different audiences because they target totally different audiences. I think it would have made more sense to match RPA with Cashmere Mafia and Underbelly with The Footy Show.

  2. Just like the channels to copy and try to outdo each other *sigh*

    This also means Moonlight is out of Nine’s schedule. I just don’t care anymore. I’m downloading my TV from now on.

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