Underbelly DVDs selling in Victoria

Pirate DVD copies of the entire Underbelly series are being sold on the streets of Melbourne.

Callers to talkback radio 3AW today said they had been offered, and purchased, the entire Nine Network drama series in shopping centre car parks and building sites.

Prices for the series varied from $30 to $80 for a 4 disc set. One caller bought it for as low as $10.

The episodes were commercial-free and came with introductory station countdowns, suggesting a major production leak.

Underbelly, which last night had its second screening in every state except Victoria, held most of its audience, attracting 1.27m viewers. It remains banned in Victoria where the Nine Network is appealing a Supreme Court ruling.

Any viewing of the series in Victoria could breach a contempt of court and distribution breaks copyright infringement laws.

Source: The Age


  1. What a can of worms (or is it snakes!) the judge has opened by banning it! I don’t want to see it anyway so couldn’t care less that it was banned!

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