Week 23

1 Seven News Seven 1.291
2 Nine News Nine 1.193
3 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine 1.156
4 Vicar Of Dibley Seven 0. 958m
5 The Great Outdoors Seven 0.952m
ABC News ABC 915,000m
Bed Of Roses ABC 0.854m
The Cat In The Hat Nine 0.854m
The Bill ABC 0.824m
Saturday Night AFL TEN 0.814m
Top Gear SBS 0.462m

Seven 26.2
Nine 24.9
ABC 22.5
TEN 20.0
SBS 6.5

1 Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1.430
2 Seven News Seven 1.428
3 Today Tonight Seven 1.304
4 Nine News Nine 1.161
5 A Current Affair Nine 1.133
Silent Witness ABC 0.957m
Friday Night Live TEN 0.941m
Big Brother TEN 0.798m
Spooks ABC 0.786m
AFL: Kangaroos Vs Geelong Seven 0.688m
NRL Live Nine 0.647m
About A Boy TEN 0.456m

Seven 32.4
Nine 25.4
Ten 18.8
ABC 17.7
SBS 5.8

1. Seven News Seven 1.433
2. How I Met Your Mother Seven 1.303
3. Getaway Nine 1.285
4. Today Tonight Seven 1.252
5. National Nine News Nine 1.228
6. Home and Away Seven 1.207
7. ABC News ABC 1.155
8. A Current Affair Nine 1.150
9. Bones Seven 1.140
10. Hell’s Kitchen Nine 1.113
11. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.106
12. Law and Order: SVU Ten 1.089
13. The Footy Show Nine 0.988
14. The 7:30 Report ABC 0.972
15. Medium Ten 0.939
Deal or No Deal 0.873m
Big Brother 0.777m
Lost 0.603m
Don’t Forget The Lyrics 0.592m
Wheel of Fortune 0.581m
Sunrise 0.391m
Today 0.282m
The Morning Show 0.176
Mornings with Kerri-Anne 0.117m
9am with David and Kim 0.63m

Nine: 29.8
Seven: 27.9
TEN: 19.9
ABC: 16.6
SBS: 5.8

1. Seven News Seven 1.548
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.473
3. Search and Rescue Nine 1.431
4. House – 9:30pm Ten 1.387
5. Spicks and Specks ABC 1.364
6. Fire 000 Nine 1.339
7. The Gruen Transfer ABC 1.273
8. ABC News ABC 1.256
9. National Nine News Nine 1.227
10. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.221
11. House – 8:30pm Ten 1.216
12. Home and Away Seven 1.186
13. The New Inventors ABC 1.142
14. Cold Case Nine 1.109
15. A Current Affair Nine 1.083
Ugly Betty 0.955m
Queen Mary 2 0.935m
Criminal Minds 0.926m
Big Brother 0.918m
Missing Persons Unit 0.915m
Deal or No Deal 0.896m
Back to You 0.888m
Rules of Engagement 0.854m
Wheel of Fortune 0.593m

Nine: 25.5
Seven: 25.0
Ten: 24.0
ABC: 20.5
SBS: 5.0

1. Seven News Seven 1.608
2. Australia’s Got Talent Seven 1.583
3. Today Tonight Seven 1.538
4. NCIS TEN 1.459
5. 20 to 1 Nine 1.388
6. All Saints Seven 1.339
7. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares Nine 1.256
8. ABC News ABC 1.247
9. Home and Away Seven 1.228
10. NCIS (r) TEN 1.205
11. National Nine News Nine 1.204
12. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.192
13. A Current Affair Nine 1.133
14. Big Brother TEN 0.964
15. Deal or No Deal Seven 0.958
16. 7:30 Report 0.942m
17. Medical Emergency 0.941m
Ladette to Lady 0.929m
Neighbours 0.872m
Star Portraits with Rolf Harris 0.855m
The Simpsons 0.850m
Renters 0.685m
Wheel of Fortune 0.577m
Crimes that Shook the World 0.439m
Balls of Steel 0.429m
Sunrise 0.357m
Today 0.284m

Seven: 30.0
Nine: 26.6
TEN: 24.4
ABC: 14.9
SBS: 4.0

1. Seven News Seven 1.690
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.599
3. David Attenborough: Tiger Nine 1.543
4. Border Security Seven 1.514
5. Sea Patrol Nine 1.473
6. Surf Patrol Nine 1.377
7. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.316
8. Home and Away Seven 1.306
9. National Nine News Nine 1.289
10. Desperate Housewives Seven 1.273
11. A Current Affair Nine 1.249
12. ABC News ABC 1.204
13. CSI: NY Nine 1.102
14. Big Brother Ten 0.957
15. More Than Enough Rope ABC 0.957
Good News Week 0.957m
Deal or No Deal 0.943m
Neighbours 0.853m
Boston Legal 0.850m
How To Look Good Naked 0.846m
Four Corners 0.826m
Top Gear 0.788m
Media Watch 0.781m
Australian Story 0.772m
Big Mouth 0.617m
Wheel of Fortune 0.603m
Louis Theroux 0.513m
Bold & Beautiful 0.481m
Antiques Roadshow 0.407m
South Park 0.376m

Nine: 29.3
Seven: 28.5
Ten: 18.0
ABC: 16.9
SBS: 7.3

1 60 Minutes Nine 1.822
2 Seven News Seven 1.717*
3 Nine News Sunday Nine 1.553
4 Domestic Blitz Nine 1.514
5 CSI Nine 1.508
6 The Chronicles Of Narnia Seven 1.242*
7 ABC News ABC 1.232
8 Gladiators Seven 1.229*
9 Wild China ABC 1.154
10 Without A Trace Nine 1.077
11 Big Brother Live Eviction TEN 1.012
14 Emma ABC 0.884m
15 Rove TEN 0.823m
Big Brother Sun TEN 0.776m
Flight Of The Conchords TEN 0.510m

Nine 31.8
Seven 27.3
TEN 18.0
ABC 17.8
SBS 5.0

* Gladiators time shifted to 7:00-8:00pm and Chronicles of Narnia to 8:00-11:00pm in Adelaide (with Seven News at 5:15pm) to accommodate AFL coverage 4:00-7:00pm.


  1. 1 v 100
    Total 359,000
    Mel: 199,000, Adel: 90,000, Per: 71,000.

    Fourth in all 3 cities behind ABC* incl half of BH&G in Melb.

    *it lifted over Stateline in Adelaide but not Collectors.

    In Melb for Fri Seven whacked the rest, 36.6% shares. All the other three hovered around 19%.

  2. Perhaps the dvd players for 450,000 people were broken on friday night, and the signal for channel 7, 9, ABC and SBS (and pay tv if they have it) wasn’t working. That would be my only explanation.

  3. Weird that Part 2 of the House finale rated a lot higher than the first part, would of thought it would have been the other way around.

  4. Wow, what an absolutely brilliant episode of House last night, judging from the finale of House, Deaperate Housewives and Lost, looks like the writers must be really happy with the new contracts resulting from the strike.

  5. Yes, Seven sent through some figures for Medical Emergency that seemed to conflict with other sourced figures, so the error happened in editing. Corrected.

  6. maximum australia

    How does these figures work? They’re either wrong or out of order.

    15. Deal or No Deal Seven 0.958
    16. 7:30 Report 0.942m
    17. Medical Emergency 0.958m

  7. Channel 10 is showing pure hypocracy when they keep big mouth on which is doing so bad, yet other shows get pulled off the air as soon as they get close to what it gets in the ratings.

  8. Good work for Concords!
    And what the hell is the appeal with 60 minutes? Aw well, good to see … err hard hitting journalism and um…. in depth… oh forget it, I feel so cheap sticking pretending.

    And why do shows like Rove that have such truly average ratings so consistantly last for so long? Do they charge top notch rates for Ad spots or something?

    As for Big Brother… suffer in their pants!!! Well, I don’t think anyone on the show actually wears pants (maybe at dinner time they may sneak a pair on) but suffer anyway!

    And Gladiators still hanging in there! Good work! May have to jump back to one of your old Posts Dave concerning its first airing, check out the comments. How does one eat e-words anyway? (Nobody say with an e-spoon please!)

  9. Flight of the Conchords has gone up by like 100k viewers. 😐 I don’t watch the show, but it’s good to see that it’s developing an audience.

    Surprisingly solid figures for Emma, although Big Brother rated appallingly.

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