Star cast ready to Tangle

An impressive cast is being assembled for Tangle, the new locally-produced drama being made by Showtime. Justine Clarke, Ben Mendelsohn, Catherine McClements, Matt Day, Kat Stewart and Joel Tobeck have all signed on.

Produced by John Edwards and Imogen Banks, the 10 part drama deals with ‘the tangled lives of parents, their teenagers, and the shifting moral compass of modern life.’

John Edwards said “A cast of this quality not only makes for great fun, they can make alchemy.”

The series will be shot in and around Melbourne from September and screen in 2009.

Press Release:
An outstanding Australian cast has been secured for TANGLE the new 10 x 1 hour premium original series from the makers of Love My Way.

Headlining the cast are:

* Justine Clarke (Love My Way 3, Bastard Boys, Look Both Ways)
* AFI Award winner Ben Mendelsohn (Love My Way 2 and 3, Australia, Beautiful Kate)
* TV Week Silver Logie and AFI Award winner Catherine McClements
(Water Rats, The Secret Life of Us, Rush)
* Matt Day (Spooks, Hell Has Harbour Views)
* Kat Stewart (Underbelly, Newstopia, Kick, City Homicide) and
* Joel Tobeck (Lord of the Rings, Little Fish, The Water Horse, Accidents Happen)

A gritty drama, TANGLE is being produced by John Edwards and Imogen Banks. Executive Producers will be Hugh Marks for Southern Star, and Kim Vecera for SHOWTIME Australia.

In making the announcement producer John Edwards said “A cast of this quality not only makes for great fun, they can make alchemy.”

Executive Producer Kim Vecera added ‘The producers have secured a wonderfully strong company of actors to anchor our new drama. I know they will individually bring something unique to the show”

Dealing with the tangled lives of parents, their teenagers, and the shifting moral compass of modern life, TANGLE will be shot in and around Melbourne, Victoria from September this year. The show will premiere on showcase in 2009.

Written by Fiona Seres (Love My Way, Dangerous, The Surgeon) and Tony McNamara (Love My Way, The Secret Life of Us) and to be directed by Jessica Hobbs (Love My Way, Curtin, Answered by Fire), Matthew Saville (The King, Noise, The Surgeon) and Stuart McDonald (The Secret Life of Us, Summer Heights High, SeaChange) TANGLE is being produced with the assistance of Film Victoria and investment by AUSTAR.

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  1. is anybody at all able to help me with the main locations in Tangle.
    It seems to me that they are in Kew, Richmond, but I would like some more specific info as I’m an old kew girl. Don’t need addresses….but locale/location
    It would be great to hear from somebody, because to date…i’ve come up with zilch
    which I find strange….lyn

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this series too. It covered storylines that parents and teenagers could relate to. A good series to watch together to invoke conversation about the perils of being a teenager and an adult!
    Bring on the next series! Anyone know if it’s in production yet?

  3. Just watched the final episode of season one and it was nothing short of brilliant. Vince had some absolute unforgettable lines and whilst may deemed as crude, lewd and rude they still had myself and my 16 year old son laughing. His rather vehement racial slings were more than well said and in these times of asylum seekers and people smugglers even justified. He played a character that said it as he saw it. Well scripted for and acted by Ben. Had a bit of trouble getting my head around Gigi and Max’s character. The former was not portrayed believable in that she was way too wise for her age and the latter was forgettable and unenthralling. Christine needed to get over herself and Nat shouldn’t have a pommy accent. Didn’t suit. Justine Clarke was brilliant and played her role exceptionally well. Thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and it was by far the best thing on Austar on a Thursday night. Well done to all involved.

  4. Love, love, love this show and look forward to it every week. Ben Mendelsohn is absolutely fantastic, as is Justine. Multi-talented, for sure.
    One wish: that WA would adopt daylight saving so we don’t have to watch it at the ridiculous hour of 5.30pm! (Have cottoned on to the repeats, but really!)

  5. I am no movie critic but I saw Tangle and I was shocked to think that alot of script writers came out with that Rubbish. The two stories running along seemed to definately jump too far in spots and Ben Mendelsons **spoiler**.
    It took a lot of screen time to establish the link of Ben **spoiler**
    Ben didn’t suit the part at the workplace, swearing etc, at the chinese man, that had racial connotations, Ben is a brilliant actor but this was not one of his best.
    It didn’t do Ben justice, the on again, off again love scenes were so on cue, they didn’t seem natural and flowing.
    The tangled lives of Adults and their dysfunction is more than real in most homes throughout Australia without the need to screen it on TV and then to include **school children** This is disturbing!
    What have our children got to look up to… a whole lot of adults in the sack with everyone elses wife or husband and then their disturbed children**spoiler**!!????
    Go back to the drawing boards guys.

  6. The Brisbane Courier Mail Obituary, for Frank Gallacher, included a reference to his last Movie role as Father Scully, in December Boys (2007), plus his playing the part of Pat Mahady in the yet-to-released “Tangle”, which intrigues me, due to the fact that I have been researching my Mahady Family/Clan name, for over
    twenty years now, and have now found this form of “Connection” to one other Mahady, of whom I seemingly had no previous knowledge, and whom I would love to find out more about, apart from my watching “Tangle”, when it starts up.

    Consequently, I would appreciate any further information/details regarding the above, or perhaps even someone to contact me, or the means for me to contact them, in order that I may find out more about this Pat Mahady and his Family etc.

    Matt Mahady – A Scottish, Irish, Australian.

  7. Hi i was also an extra on Tangle i played the part of one of the press photographers in the scene outside the church….i would like to thank all the crew for their help and allowing me to be part of this production….looking forward to when this series goes to air….could someone please let me know the dates it will go to air…..best of luck, hope the series is very successful for all those involved…..Allen

  8. It was an awesome experience – I am also an extra on the show – my first gig.I cant wait to see it either . I think I am in episode 8 (hotel scene)

    Actual dates would be great.

  9. cant wait
    does anyone know the actual date it comes out
    also i was in this, watch out for the singing dog
    and the girl who walks down with gigi when she goes to talk to charlotte, im the one with brown hair


  10. I wa an extra in this production and played the priest at the catholic church.My thanks to the local priest for his guidance on donning the vestments and how to speak the part.Thanks also to the production crew for making it easier for me on my firsty speaking part. It looks like being a very topical series and I hope a very successful one

  11. Also was an extra on the set for the shooting of the last episode. Thanks to the whole crew for a great experience, specially to Raphael, Kara, Kerry, Jules and Chris for the great time. Sounds like a great series. Can’t wait to see it…

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