30 CRock. Seven bumps Tina Fey finale.

Sorry Liz Lemon. Emmy or no Emmy you've been steamrolled by the crisis in Wall Street.

Fans of 30 Rock are about to be disappointed with word that Seven has bumped the season finale due tonight by one week.

Instead it will air a Seven News special on the financial woes in the US at 11:30pm AEST.

Seven is planning a news special hosted by Chris Reason which will cross live to the opening of Wall Street. Michael Pascoe will be in studio for analysis.

The switch is a shame given the finale, “Cooter”, guest stars Matthew Broderick and won Tina Fey an Emmy for series comedy writing just last week.

It is one of two episodes Seven slated in unusual timeslots, last Friday and tonight, set apart from its normal Monday night slot. Frustrated fans might be grateful the eps weren’t left sitting on the shelf but less kind towards Out of the Question, which was pushed into Monday programming and only won a soft 437,000 viewers.

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  1. Just spoke to Prime in Canberra. It appears that TV Guides have not yet been updated. Programming assured me that it is scheduled to air on Tuesday night at 11:30pm (in line with the rest of channel 7’s programming). So at least I have some good news, I was fearing it might not be shown here.

  2. Lol!!! Come on!
    If Channel Seven DIDN”T show something with the Financial Crisis this thread would be full of whinging about that 🙂 You wanna show a special, you have to bump something. And the media who are OBSESSED with American showbiz and constantly use it as a point of reference for ours (like a featherweight ranked 100th talking about how one day he will beat Mike Tyson)
    The Media and Critics need to remember a couple things.
    1. 30 Rock doesn’t rate very well here (no not because of time slot, Boston Legal does well in its spot)
    2. The Emmys are American awards, for Americans, and we… are Australians, they have nothing to do with us, they award people they like, not who we SHOULD like. FFs even Brad Garrett has won an Emmy fcol!!!
    3. Tina Feys popularity has peaked due to the elections and the whole Palin thing, again NOTHING to do with us and it shouldn’t dictate who we SHOULD be liking. And we wonder why other countries don’t like Vegemite! hah!

    Dont gte me wrong, I dig some of the US art, but our media, from the 30 mins of Sunrise and Today I get in the morning, right up to Aussie Idol and the 8;30 slots, its clear we digest there stuff by the mountain load, and digest no where near the amounts of our stuff that we should! Man we even have laws saying we HAVE to show/play/air a certain amount of Aussie stuff!!
    Sorry to say but I’m with Seven on this one. The worst thing about the Australian Television/Film/Music Industry is its audiences.

  3. Seems rather pointless and a nice way of alienating yet more viewers. I agree with netnut can we just have some stability is that too much? I get sick of getting into a favorite show only to have it yanked or bumped or whatever. Nine do it with CSI:NY & Miami ,7 with Las Vegas,Shark,Ugly Betty etc and god knows how many times 10 have screwed with Monk & a ton of other shows. And they wonder why we resort to other methods!

  4. I tuned in at the last minute, not knowing that they had bumped it. They had an announcement about 30 Rock not being on, but only caught the last split second…. What did they say? When will it be back on?

    Really pathetic that at 11.30 at night they bump the show to simply have a news report on something that isn’t even Australian. Yes, it might have international impact, but seriously, as if they couldn’t just do all this in tomorrow’s news report. Pretty poor Seven….

  5. This is ridiculous. Free to air TV is becoming almost unwatchable. It’s like a lucky dip – you never know where the hell anything is going to pop up and when.

    Did ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ finish? or did Nine bump it? I missed ONE WEEK – last – and now I can’t find it. Are these TV Execs totally inept? When WILL they get through their heads that people are so sick of never being able to follow a series.

    For God sake, the opening on Wall Street? Live? Now, I’m a news junkie, but this will be like watching grass grow with a heap of pundits making not so educated guesses on the state of the world economy. Jeez, I shake my head in disbelief at the thought of Peter Meakin actually thinking THIS adds to news credibility. If Seven was SERIOUS about what is going on they’d have a special on at 7.30 giving people the background as to why we are in this mess…..oh….hang on …’RSPCA Family rescue’ is on. Now THAT’S important. What moronic thinking.

  6. there was a really interesting article on the SMH website a few days ago

    called “give us more of the good american stuff”

    if you get the chance have a look, i thought of this site when i read it

  7. Wake up Seven. This isn’t adult fare like “The Sopranos” or “Californication”., surely you can find a better place for it than late at night.

    Why aren’t you airing this at 7:30 instead of whatever Border Security/Animal Rescue/Intensive Care/Crash Investigation/Gardening crap you seem to deem worthy of such a timeslot — just look at 9 getting the ratings for repeat episodes of “Two and a Half Men” because it’s the only decent scripted entertainment on most nights.

    Or — better yet — how about actually USING your HD channel? NONE of your 7:30pm shows are in HD. Why not air 30 Rock on the HD then and then the SD later? How about some sort of CHOICE? If you’re dumping shows at inopportune times to try and push Tivo’s recording and timeshifting facilities, you’re going about it the wrong way.

    Ten’s ratings success with repeats of old Futurama episodes have taught you nothing.

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