Airdate: 2008 Brownlow Medal

AFL’s night of nights will be seen on Network TEN this year, Monday September 22nd.

TEN will air a Red Carpet Brownlow Arrival special at 7:00pm and the Brownlow Medal count from 8:30pm in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Christi Malthouse and Luke Darcy will host the Red Carpet Arrivals, while Steve Quartermain will host the big count. Last year’s winner was Geelong’s Jimmy Bartel (pictured).

Australian Idol verdict will remain at 7:30pm.

90210 and Burn Notice are held over in Vic, SA and WA.

90210 will air in NSW & Qld prior to the Emmy Awards.

Press Release:

Red Carpet Brownlow Arrivals:

The Charles Brownlow Medal is the most prestigious award in the AFL for an individual player but the medal count is not the only thing of interest on the night! Join Christi Malthouse and Luke Darcy as they take you down the Brownlow Red Carpet where you will be witness to all the glitz and glamour that is the Brownlow. Kellie Underwood and Mark Howard will also present with on the spot reports and interviews with your favourite players and well as a close look at who’s wearing what.

2008 Brownlow Medal:

For many, it is a social event, for others, a chance to frock up but for a few, it is a night where they have the chance to achieve immortality in the AFL community by being voted the player deemed the fairest and best in the competition by the AFL field umpires and winning the Charles Brownlow Medal.

Hosted by Stephen Quartermain with Luke Darcy and Michael Voss.

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  1. so what is happening david? will QLD and NSW end up being 1 episode ahead of the other states with 90210? how will that work? will they get a double the next week so we aren’t ahead of them or will they just run behind us the whole time? how come QLD and NSW get the emmys and no one else does? is it a repeat? and does torchwood not appear at all that week or what? i’m a bit confused.

  2. Ducko. Let me guess….NSW or QLD based? Brownlow rates amazingly well in the traditional AFL markets…esp with blokes. Might have something to do with turning it into a drinking game…

  3. Ducko, people like myself do actually watch this – though i will be flickeing between it and City Homicide for the night (more CH than this)

    Come on Brent Harvey, do it for the Roos!!!!

  4. Boo Hoo to Australian Idol. Is that rubbish still on the air? Thank god for Main Event though, coz Ten up here won’t touch this in ‘rugby heartland (lol)’

  5. This is the third or fourth time the Brownlow Medal clashes with Australian Idol, and to make matters worse, Ten will also screen the Primetime Emmy Awards on September 22 (it will probably be a highlights package as the ceremony will be shown live on Foxtel on Monday morning). It will be interesting to see how Ten and its regional affiliates cover both events.

  6. “… the Brownlow Red Carpet where you will be witness to all the glitz and glamour that is the Brownlow”

    The Brownlow red carpet is always about as glitzy and glamorous as a Target catalogue. The only real entertainment to be had is playing the age-old game of spot-the-girlfriend-without-long-blonde-hair.

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