Party night at Australian Idol

Guest artist: Jessica Mauboy.

Tonight’s Performance show of Australian Idol features six of the show’s Top 12 singers.

Jessica Mauboy, first discovered by Idol judges Marcia Hines, Kyle Sandilands and Mark Holden, is a guest performer.

With a theme of “Party Anthems” there are bold new versions of favourite songs (including a Proclaimers pub classic).

At the end of the episode one singer is given a Judge’s “save” sending them straight into the Top 10.

Another six acts will perform on Monday before two are eliminated in a Live Results show on Tuesday.

7pm tonight on Seven.

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  1. Calling it out, like another other media would be called out. Sorry David but another Australian idol story. Seems like there is a one every few days. Fair, its currently the second most popular entertainment show but there are other shows it is competiting against (one that is more popular) that are not getting as much (or any – except in ratings wraps) attention as idol.

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