How does Australian Idol’s “Transformation Week” work?

It begins with 21 singers, but only 12 will make it in a new Idol cull -plus one more change coming next week.

Unless I’m mistaken Australian Idol has never had a “Transformation Week” before. So here’s how it works….

There are three shows this week each with 7 singers performing before an audience. They have a live band including with backing vocalists for the first time.

Their backstories highlight where they come are coming from before being given stylists, vocal guidance, tech and more. There’s a bit of before / after TV makeover from producers. Sunday’s episode includes an appearance from Gary Barlow coaching.

Judges are each given one ‘FastPass’ which, whilst not exactly a Touchdown, works like a Golden Buzzer, automatically sending someone into the Top 12. To be honest, these episodes look identical to ‘Live performance ‘shows except that the audience doesn’t yet vote (prompting Kyle to refer to them as ‘pests’ on once occasion… sheesh!).

At the end of each episode four acts will proceed to Top 12 shows and three go home.

The level of singing is good, sometimes excellent, sometimes too safe, and if you’ve been watching you’ll see some favourites going home.

By the end of it all will be a pretty promising Top 12.

The other big change coming is there are three episodes for the Top 12 next week, instead of 2, but Seven is yet to confirm how this plays out.

7pm Sunday, 7:30pm Monday & Tuesday on Seven.

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  1. I am a couple of episodes behind, but I am really enjoying this season, having Marcia back is brilliant and having it an all Aussie judging panel is also great and feels more like they are looking for actual talent.

    Kyle is so much more engaging, relaxed and really interested in the talent in front go him. Having a child has really softened him and made him much easier to watch.

  2. Seven must be happy with this season, bvod aside, been competitive nationally with Nine’s Married (if you work it out looking like metro even 500k+ a number of eps one even maybe nudging 600k which is the new gold standard or former magic million these days). While 10’s Survivor seems to have taken a dip. Although Seven’s show still lagging usually 3rd in the younger viewers, propped up by older audiences.

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