Laga’aia the lawnmower for Seven

Jay Laga’aia is narrating a new puppet-animated children’s series for Channel Seven, Larry the Lawnmower.

Currently in production with Ambience Entertainment (Erky Perky, Go Go Stop) there are over 65 half-hour episodes of this story of Larry, who hangs out with garden tool buddies including a wheelbarrow, a spade, a rake and a “green nervous garden hose.”

“It’s been really rewarding developing such accessible characters,” said executive producer Michael Boughen. “When you can create a show for children that explores such strong community values it is quite refreshing.”

Seven’s head of production Janeen Faithfull said it would hit the screens “very soon.”

Based on an original concept from Tim Faircloth, the show is understood to be unrelated to the Larry the Lawnmower children’s book written by Jeanne Archambault and illustrated by Victoria Corey.

Lawyers at 20 paces?

Source: C21


  1. Go Larry. My 26 month old daughter absolutely loves Larry. She watches the DVD daily. I noticed there are 65 episodes in all. How about a 2nd and/or 3rd DVD? Great to see its back on Feb 25 2010. Even us parents can’t help but love Larry The Lawnmower. To Jay great work. You do a fantastic job as narrator/writer.

  2. Just thought I’d let you all know that there was a DVD released 3 days ago (on the 2nd Dec 2009). It is available at JB HiFi, as well as online at EzyDVD and various other online DVD retailers, I’m not sure whether it is available at Big W/Target/K-Mart, I got so excited when I found it online last night that I just bought it! It’s called ‘Larry the Lawnmower – Adventures in Greenwood Gardens Vol 1″. RRP is $19.95, but there are a couple of online stores that are selling it for as low as $18.00. I can’t wait to put it on for my 6 month-old on Christmas Day and watch his face light up…. 1,2,3 Supercharge Me!!!!!!!

  3. Hello,
    My 3 year old loves the show and hasn’t stopped talking about it.
    Please could you let me know where I can buy a dvd? many thanks. well done

  4. Looove!!!!! The Lazza! he”s the Best my 4 month old shut’s up in a second the minute his on it;s amazing.Then sit’s for the whole half hour watching and talking to the t.v. Defintly need the lazza on the dvd!

  5. Thankyou !!!……channel 7 for bring Larry back on. My 18mth yo boy is obsessed with the Larry, we have nearly burned out our tape of the show. 1,2,3 …Supercharge me !!!!!!!!!

  6. Great news !!! Larry will be back on ch 7 at 3.30pm from October 25th.
    Hooooraaaa !!!!!! Finally I get my afternoon peace back (even if its only half an hour) Can’t wait.

  7. My 3 year old waits all day just for larry. We hope that you can soon start to sell a dvd so we have it at hand as we now have tears when it doesn’t come on anymore.

  8. DVD required urgently…. my daughter loved it at 12 weeks she watched it everyday and babbled on. It was really great. When are they coming to DVD?

  9. Oh, come on KJ!!! You have got to be kidding! If it was a female saving a male, someone would call that sexist too. Honestly, why can’t some people just let things be, without trying to turn them in a Polically Correct debate??? It’s a kid’s show, they love it, don’t try and vent your frustrations on a show!!!

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