Posie Graeme-Evans on Talking Heads

McLeod's and Hi-5 co-creator Posie Graeme-Evans will chat to Talking Heads' Peter Thompson.

Here’s one for true fans of Australian television, an interview with Posie Graeme-Evans on the ABC’s Talking Heads.

Graeme-Evans co-created both McLeod’s Daughters and Hi-5 for the Nine Network, and rose high in its ranks as Director of Drama for Nine from 2002 to 2005. In such a blokey industry, she is one of too few women in television to have held a managerial role.

Earlier this year Nine bought the production company Kids Like Us and the Hi-5 brand with Southern Star.

It screens at 6:30pm Monday October 6th on ABC1.

Press Release:
This week on Talking Heads, Peter Thompson talks to Posie Graeme-Evans, creator of the smash hit TV shows McLeod’s Daughters and Hi-5, which can now be seen around the world. Her medieval romance novels are best sellers. In one sense she lives in a fantasy world, dreaming up stories, but to sell those ideas she’s had to become a formidable wheeler-dealer.

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  2. Posie is a really great lady she gave me heaps of advice on a series i created and how to approch the networks. She spent a lot of her valuable time on helping me out. She knows her stuff and is very inteligent if you want to learn about the industry listen to her.

    She should be in charge of a network now.

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