Alec Baldwin on 60 Minutes

Now that 30 Rock has finished on Seven, it’s safe for Nine to air an interview with Alec Baldwin, without really giving the network any free kicks.

Diane Sawyer talks to Baldwin about why he is such an angry man (well he did bag My Name is Earl and Scrubs recently)

Then there’s a divorce from Kim Basinger, and a custody battle over their daughter.

Press Release:

Deadly Treasure

It’s a breathtaking, white-knuckle adventure. Little boats battling mountainous waves and raging storms. A drama played out in sub-zero temperatures, right up there near the North Pole in the icy Bering Sea. And it’s deadly too. There’s a 100 per cent injury rate and, on average, one crewman is killed every week. What a way to make a living, even if you’re paid a small fortune. Welcome to the world of the Alaskan king crab fishermen, a band of outlaws who risk it all in search of the prize they call “red gold”. Michael Usher joined the fleet and discovered for himself what it’s like to hear the words every sailor dreads, “man overboard”.

Reporter: Michael Usher

Producer: Stephen Rice

Future Fuel

Who’d have thought it, common old sugar cane and corn could save us all. Save us from soaring oil prices, and from a lot of those dreaded greenhouse gases. On the surface it seems so simple, first convert the crops to ethanol. Then make an easy, safe and cheap adjustment to your car engine, we’re talking less than $800, and you’re away. This is no futuristic dream. In America, farmers are fast becoming the new fuel barons. In Brazil, cars have been running happily on ethanol for years and wait till you see what it’s done for pollution in the world’s third largest city. But, and it’s a big one, there is a hidden price to pay.

Reporter: Liz Hayes

Producer: Nick Greenaway

On the Warpath

He’s just won an Emmy for his TV show, 30 Rock. He’s still making movies, still making money. Yet Hollywood star Alec Baldwin is a very disillusioned, very angry man. So disillusioned, he lost the will to live. So angry, well, you’ll see that on Sunday night. The reason? His bitter divorce from actress Kim Basinger, and the bruising custody battle over their daughter, Ireland. Naturally, all the nasty publicity didn’t help. But now, to get it all out of his system, Baldwin’s written a tell-all book, his side of the saga. And, as Diane Sawyer found, he has a new role, as a crusader, a spokesman for divorced dads.

Reporter: Diane Sawyer

Producer: Claire Weinraub, ABC 20/20


  1. Was anyone else totally petrified at Alec Baldwin’s dead, cold blue eyes as he spoke about his ex wife? That man has some SERIOUS anger issues!

    He could take a few lessons from Jack Donaghy on managing that….

  2. it’d be funny if ch7 turned around and said that they were doing an encore season of 30 rock in primetime

    does ne1 know if ch7 has said what their doing for 7:00 during the summer, i know ch9 has temptation, ch7 could pick up big with 30 rock here. show australia what a quality comedy is (yes that was an attack on 2.5 men)

    they wouldn’t do 70’s show again. would they?

  3. knoxoverstreet

    Some very interesting stories there..particularly the one on the Alaskan king crab fishermen. As for Alec Baldwin I like the guy but it doesn’t sound like a fun interview!

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