Auditions: Home Run

Channel Nine is looking for participants for a new home renovation program, Home Run.

The show is seeking participants with two or more bedrooms needing a makeover.

“All you need to do is find a neighbour or family in your street that has a similar sized house that you can battle it out against and then follow the instructions below,” says Nine’s website.

As with many shows in this genre, a team of professionals will “help make their vision come alive, as they compete with another family for big prize money.”

Nine’s most recent makeover show Battlefronts has been pulled from schedule, while Domestic Blitz remains one of the network’s hits for the year.

At least this time a show is asking for applicants…



  1. tamara arrowsmith

    I love the concept of this show and can not wait for it. Tell me who does not love gorgeous fabrics and furnishings. I will so be watching this. The only reason people are giving it a bad rap is because they are scared it is a spin of off Battlefronts. I do not think this is the case here. For one channel nine would not be that silly as it is common knowledge the show Battlefronts was terrible. What people are forgetting is that Battlefronts was ruined because of poor aciting and average results on the gardens. This is different finally channel nine may get this one right, just remember make sure the designers are natural and real.

  2. Great to see the glowing optimism and enthusiasm from my fellow commentors. *rolls eyes*

    What’s so wrong with lifestyle shows? Domestic Blitz and BHG are good viewing and pull great numbers.

  3. Oh here comes battlefronts again. Oh I know just cast those BAD actors Celia Pisasale and her mate Joel Horrey and this show will BOMB for sure. I hope channel nine has no intentions of anyone from battlefronts to present this show in anyway. If they do people will switch off in droves. Thank goodness cheessy battlefronts has been axed!!!!!!!

  4. hmmmm, i wonder what makes them think this will work after what happened to battlefronts. sounds kind of similar only indors.

    i can understant that ch9 wants to clone one of their only gems but all these shows might take away from the charm of domestic blitz

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