Can you pick the face?

A little quiz today, to see how well you know your telly.

Does this face look familiar?

Leave a comment with your answer as to who you think this is.

Just so everybody gets a chance to have a stab at who it is, TV Tonight will hold off publishing your comments on this post until after midday today.

Extra brownie points awarded if you are able to name the new show he is set to appear in.

Damien Bodie, formerly of Neighbours is the correct answer. Elephant Princess, a new kids series from Jonthan M. Shiff Productions, is coming soon to TEN.

Congrats to all who were correct (and especially those who got the title right too!).


  1. it really is coming soon- the advanced guides say 4pm thursday november 13th and also on friday. so that is good, i won’t have forgotten about it yet in that time period.

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