David E. Kelley series for NBC

Another legal drama from the prolific David E. Kelley, this time in a father / daughter law firm.

David E. Kelley has been given a series approval by NBC for a new legal drama. The show revolves around an aging partner and his daughter who works with him as well as a host of eccentric characters around them.

Kelley moved his production company to Warner Bros. TV earlier this year, which sees Boston Legal currently airing its final season in the US. The series was pitched to CBS and NBC this month, with both networks responding strongly. NBC landed the show with a pilot order and a multimillion-dollar penalty if the project doesn’t go to series.

Law is certainly a fertile ground for the prolific Kelley. He has also been involved with Steven Bochco’s L.A. Law in the late 1980s plus The Practice and Ally McBeal.

His other shows include Chicago Hope and Picket Fences.

Source: Variety, Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Boston Legal was the best- so many people I know watched it and people I worked with also loved it. it’s sad to see it go. It was intelligent, witty, and so funny. ABC really messed up by letting it go – all they want to do is cater to the teeny boppers so let them go down in a big ball of fire because we’re all going to NBC now to watch Kelley’s new show.

  2. Alan,

    It amazes me that you spent that much time on the soapbox. You did the very same thing you claim to hate. BL is a fresh look even though it’s been here a few years. And, while I’m here and just for the hell of it, please lose your keyboard you overbearing moron.

  3. I am very happy to see Boston Legal coming to an end. The elite in the entertainment industry need to realize that when the public tunes in to watch series TV, we are tuning in to be entertained, not to hear the enlightened celebrities and producers spew and promote their political views in the name of entertainment.

    The advertisers, whose advertising dollars fund these shows do not appreciate the misuse of their dollars by the entertainment industry either.

    If you want news via partisan political promotion, tune into Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Colbert or John Stewart. Boston Legal was excellent entertainment back in the beginning, when it was actually produced to entertain viewers. Since it turned into a political platform for the left, it has steadily lost ratings, viewers and advertisers. Kelley has become obsessed with promoting his socialist left views and lost sight of what brought viewers to the show three years ago.

    The entertainment industry needs to stick to entertaining and avoid their self important political pontificating. Celebrities are hardly examples of stability or common sense in society. So if they want to work in entertainment, let’s have entertainment and leave your self proclaimed importance and obvious heightened plane of enlightment outside the sound stage!

  4. I don’t see the point of getting rid of Boston Legal yet coming out with a new legal show. All his legal shows have been different from each other but I’ve never seen one quite like Boston Legal and there never will be another like it. He should move onto a different genre.

  5. Bindi, don’t you mean Courting Alex, but funny?

    Love Boston Legal and am upset it’s finishing up, but best to go out before the show gets too stale. I will no doubt tune into this, but can’t help wonder if Kelley tried to do another non-legal drama. Love his legal stuff, but just think it would be cool to see him do something a little different like Picket Fences or Chicago Hope….

  6. Interesting that his shows will now be on Nine with the Warner Bros deal. That’s a blow to Seven you’d think.
    David E Kelly is an interesting writer.. on the one hand he created some of the best shows ever..Boston Legal , The Practice , Picket Fences..but he’s also responsible for the atrocity of Ally McBeal.

  7. oh i love all his shows and was sad to read that the current series i am watching is the final of boston legal. at least this will see some more David E KElley back on air in 2009/2010 season. i am sure with ER leaving NBC after 15 seasons it might end up on a thursday night slot

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