James Morrison, speed demon.

Next week’s Top Gear Australia features jazz muso James Morrison racing around the lap as the “Celebrity in a Bog Standard Car” and a 2,400km race across Australia from the Simpson Desert to Cairns.

The three hosts each take a 4WD, choosing between a Lexus LX 570, Range Rover Vogue TDV8 and an Audi Q7.

On Monday the show dropped to its lowest figure so far this series, 435,000 viewers -fifth in its timeslot.

Press Release:
In episode six, Top Gear Australia hosts Charlie Cox, Warren Brown and Steve Pizzati go on an epic journey from the Simpson Desert in central Australia to the North Queensland coast to settle dinner party boasting rights. Charlie is impressed by the Mercedes SL 63 AMG and Australian jazz legend, James Morrison is the “Celebrity in a Bog Standard Car”.

“I have been to a tonne of dinner parties where people have said “My 4WD is good enough to go to Kakadu if I wanted to”. Now everybody knows that they probably never will so we thought we would help with bragging rights for the next party,” said Steve Pizzati.

Bound for Cairns, each host is teamed with a 4WD of their choice – Charlie picked the luxurious Lexus LX 570, Warren chose the hi-tech Range Rover Vogue TDV8 and Steve picked the sporty Audi Q7, and set off from Alice Springs to enjoy seven nights camping under the stars on their cross country expedition.

Resigned to the fact that this trip involves roughing it, with no five-star luxury accommodation in the foreseeable future, the boys get behind the wheel of their chosen vehicle and commence their 2,400 kilometre road trip.

Charlie, not a fan of being one with nature, said, “When I was a kid about 12 years old on the family camping holidays I used to lie back at night and look back the stars and think to myself ‘When I grow up I am going to get really rich so I never have to go camping again’.”

Filled with hilarious challenges, pranks and spectacular terrain the three hosts take their 4WDs on the ultimate test drive.

Around the streets of Sydney, Charlie takes the sporty Mercedes SL 63 AMG for a cruise, “A car this stylish can even make a mug like me look good, well not that bad anyway.”

Car enthusiast James Morrison talks to Top Gear Australia about meeting his wife in a celebrity car race, owning 96 cars and his goal to beat Julia Zemiro on the lap time leader board.


  1. yes i agree, it’s actually starting to ‘gel’ together, shame it’s about to finish the season when it was actually getting good, the toorak tractor stunt was hilarious! Charlie still needs to tone it down a bit…

  2. Why does Charlie have to shout everything? He needs to have an “inside voice”. If he just talked instead of shouting all the time, he would be less annoying.

    The show isn’t bad, but my friend pointed it out – all these crazy stories they do, have no purpose. There’s no beginning, middle and end. They need to have a conclusion. If you watch Clarkson, he does this very well – all the crazy stories, they always have a purpose, a point, however irrelevant they may be. Oz Top Gear have no story and no purpose. They need better writers.

  3. I agree – they are getting much more comfortable – but charlie still has a fair bit to improve – he could do with improving his interview skills…..

  4. It’s disappointing that the ratings for Top Gear keep dropping. Personally, i think its getting better each week, with the hosts becoming more comfortable in front of the camera and with each other.

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