Monique Wright for Sunday Night?

Monique Wright will be a reporter on Seven’s Sunday Night programme, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Producers Adam Boland and Mark Llewellyn are believed to be looking at two hosts, with Andrew O’Keefe a front-runner, possibly alongside Samantha Armytage, claims the newspaper.

If speculation proves correct, O’Keefe and Wright would be the third personalities from the Sunrise / Morning Show / Night Cap camp to win new roles recently.

Matt White, who helmed the desk during the short-lived 7HD show The Night Cap is now fronting Today Tonight.

But talk of Sunday Night airing this year seem premature, with a Press Release on Friday confirming the show is due to launch in 2009. Seven announced Ross Coulthart had also been signed to the show.

In its current scheduling, The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie is set to return next Sunday, October 26.

Failing of course, another global financial crisis….

Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. Estelle Kallis

    Hi Monique
    You and your crew were at the MacArthur 24 hour Walk for Cancer on Saturday 17 October 2009…can you please let me know when it will be aired…

    Many thanks

  2. I agree with you Steve, I also think any show with Monique in it is great!

    Hi Monique. Don’t know if you remember me? I come from Swan Hill and we met while you were doing Sunrise Weather. I gave you a Novelty Banknote for the sole reason that you would remember me. (Method in my Madness). Would absolutely love an Autographed photo but don’t know the procedure to get one?Love your work, you add so much to anything you do. Good luck for the future.-Rod.

  3. I just watched the interview on the channel seven sunday night show with Sam from the bushfires.The courage of the interviewer is to be commended ,not to mention Sam.
    Just a genuine guy and has lost so much.
    We watch the tele everyday getting updates and trying to imagine what those poor people have been gone through
    Sam interview was an example of what they have yet to go through.
    It is a horror just unimaginable
    Just want you all to know my heart just breaks for all of you

  4. To all those armchair experts out there and to those posting from the Willoughby den (note to y’all get off the ‘net and do some work), Monique Wright was a reporter on Seven news for close to five years before going to Sunday. Prior to that she worked as a researcher on Seven’s 11am. She also has an honors degree in Communication. I know this because I am her friend (in the interests of being upfront)
    BTW Ian Blair – I know who you are. Do some work, you idiot.
    PS Lovemydog – your pooch is a mongrel, but then I suppose that is better than bland 🙁

  5. I don’t think ‘credible’ and channel 7 go in the same sentence toether ever do they? I’m glad I am not the only person who can’t tolerate Monique – got nothing to do with the blonde factor it’s more the totally bland factor!

  6. Credible? I hope so, but I think it’s wishful thinking.

    My bets are that Sunday Night becomes another Sunrise with reporters who can’t stop giggling, or a Today Tonight type show with more “a cat got stuck up a tree”, slagging off Channel Ten and Nine shows, and racist “ethnic” taxi drivers stories.

    Plus do we really need more news?! Although I’d hardly call the latest fad diet or shonky builders “news and current affairs”!

  7. Channel 7 – make this a credible and serious show to give a 60 minutes some competition. We do not need another sunrise on air – this is going to be an evening show not morning fluff.

  8. After I hearing that Boland was involved in this project I just knew that they would take the light and fluffy angle. Now that I hear that it will be fronted bloody Monique Wright well it just confirms it. This will not be anything even remotely close to an investigative news program.

    I will stick with 60 Minutes and the ABC thank you very much.

  9. Monique may be good at what she does but they gave her a shot on the night cap and it lasted for 3 weeks or something… as for sam and andrew arnt they on weekend sunrise… so there gonna be on twice on sunday… give someone else a shot at something you might hit with – rather than using the same people over and over again you get sick of seeing kohie, mel, andrew, monique.. GRANT! hes everywhere…

  10. Seven looks like doing it again,making more mistakes.Monique Wright is not a serious hard hitting journalist lol,and Andrew O’Keefe a serious current affairs host lol,a game show host who laughs and acts a fool .Seven looks like making a nightime version of Sunrise,maybe seven should call show Sunset lol.Seriously Seven needs someone like Jana Wendt hosting this show(l know its a longshot that they would even consider after her past issues with seven)

  11. I can’t trust AOK to host a serious current affairs show. Yes, he used to be a lawyer, but there must be a dozen other hosts out there that can do better.

    Light and fluffy Weekend Sunrise, sure, but for the serious stuff let’s get a real journalist.

    What happened to the Late night variety/chat show that AOK was hosting? I was looking forward to it.

    Although from what I read on here it sounded more like a re-hash of David Tench without a cartoon character hosting.

  12. Monique Wright is actually a great reporter and very credible. i know what everyone will think:
    “she is blonde therefore she cannot be”

    i don’t think monique is overexposed at all especially for her amount of talent and good looks (and the fact that she is on 7, they seem to do a lot of overexposing eg. denyer, kosh, hawkins)

    andrew and sam are definately overexposed. one blond per show is enough

  13. I can’t say i’d watch either 70 minutes (yes, i do own a clock) or a sunday night version of sunrise. If they have andrew o’keefe they might as well call it ‘sunset’.

  14. Sam Armytage is a really bad newsreader: she is much better doing lifestyle/ good news bits just before the weather so maybe that will be her direction as a part of Sunday Night?
    And Andrew could open briefcases that contain possible good stories and bad stories??

  15. no offence seven but how about recruiting some new on air talent. The words over exposed are rinnging loudly here.

    I mean andrew o’keefe and Sam armytage already do a lot on their shows and lets not talk about Koch and over exosure Monique fair enough, i’d give her the co host but not with Andrew. The same people with more shows. Is it for the money or are they really that egotistical?

    Or is Andrew being given the sunday show because you’ve dumped his variety show i wonder?

    Please seven get some new faces! i tired of the sunrise lot scouping the pool well except Sam Armytage I really love her! (cue Barry Manilow Oh mandy but replace Mandy with sammy! Oh she is just so freakin awsome!)

  16. Well I know I won’t be watching this – Andrew O’Keefe and Monique WrIght?! What are they thinking? I thought Seven wanted a credible quality show! Only good thing about the show is Ross.

    I’ll be sticking with 60 Minutes for now, at least they have a good reporting team.

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