Out of the Blue gets a lifeline

EXCLUSIVE: Australian soap Out of the Blue is getting a second shot on UK television, despite slumping on the BBC earlier this year.

The Manly-based serial, commissioned by the British broadcaster, will move to Five in the UK alongside other Aussie soaps, Neighbours and Home and Away.

The lifeline for the 130-episode drama will see the show re-aired from Episode One in a bid to find a new UK audience. With an ensemble cast including Sophie Katinis, Zoe Carides, Diane Craig and John Atkinson, the plot kicks off with a murder amongst a group of 30-something friends gathered for a school reunion. Like all good Aussie soaps, it is a drips in sun, sand and surf, with a dash of mystery.

Five currently screens Neighbours and Home and Away at 1:45 / 2:15pm and 5:30 / 6:00pm.

TV Tonight understands Out of the Blue will accompany the other Aussie soaps in the later screenings, although a timeslot is not confirmed.

The Southern Star-produced drama started out well in an afternoon slot on the BBC, replacing Neighbours‘ when it moved to Five, but began losing viewers, and significantly, lost a key ally when a key television executive also left the network. It was moved to BBC Two in May where it still airs at 1pm.

TV Tonight also hears Network TEN is about to make an announcement on an Australian airing soon, once it resolves classification and local quota questions.

The Southern Star series has finished production of its commissioned series, but if it works on Five and TEN, it could pick up where it left off.

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  1. I love out of the blue, and was gutted when the first series finished earlier this year. I know its being repeated at the moment. Put it on at a decent time, on a decent side and the viewers will roll in.
    Hope there will be a new series on fiver or five or whatever!

  2. hi i think it is a great show i have watch nearly every episode and now it has come to tonight and they haven’t got it on anymore i am not happy about it at all i think it stinks….all i can say is i hope they put it back on..it is a great show!!!!

  3. out of the blue has kept me on the edge of my seat it is a great soap i have watched it since it began i was compleley devastated when i realised it had stopped keep it on i enjoy as much as my fave soaps h&a and neighbours.

  4. marie mcdonagh

    I just love out of the blue it is the best soap that I have ever watched.Just love every thing about it.Thank you channel five for taking it over.Let hope it is a success and that you show the next series and the next and the next and that it keeps going like Neighbours.

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