Returning: CSI, Cold Case

Nine will fasttrack the new series of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation this month.

It returns to screen on a new night, 8:30pm Monday October 13. It airs in the US on October 9th.

This is the final season featuring William Petersen as a regular, who bows out after episode ten. He is expected to return as a guest in future episodes.

Nine will follow the show with the return of Cold Case at 9:30pm.

“Bad Reputation” is the 16th episode of Series Five, which aired in the US in April. There are only two more eps in this series, cut short by the writers’ strike with a new season having premiered on Sunday.

True CSI: Cold Blood airs at 10:30pm.

Nine’s Mondays have been disappointing recently. It will now pit its crime dramas head to head with Seven’s City Homicide and Bones.

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  1. Has Cold Case been axed…again! It has been on th elat two Monday nights but CSI seems to.have replaced it tonight.
    It is a fantastic show but pity Channel 9 can’t show all of the episodes in the correct order

  2. I think nine have made a pretty good decision.
    For me, that timeslot doesn’t really offer much for me. City Homicide is a bore and 90210…..need I say more? (I think it’s getting axed anyway)
    I really like CSI and I’m happy that they are finally showing new episodes.

  3. I think I had a dream that I saw Cold Case advertised last night.

    It’s a show I watch but not one I love and if it was taken off or if I missed it, I wouldn’t really care.

    It’s a good show but the type of shows I love are character-driven ones.

  4. This is the problem with Nine relying too much on overseas content. They would have had a chance of winning the year if these shows were ready straight after the Olympics but it’s too late now. I will be taping CSI and watching City Homicide. You gotta support local drama I say.

  5. I like ‘City Homicide’ and I am an avid ‘CSI’ fan so this is difficult.

    Both shows pull in decent figures but I hope ‘City Homicide’ doesnt suffer the same embarrassing fate of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – the last show 7 pitted against it (last season, it struggled to maintain 1m). I do think City Homicide’s massive figures are due to a complete lack of competition, so it will be interesting.

    In short though, I think this will do nothing but damage the averages of both these shows…

  6. Travis, Bones has never been below 1 mill at 9.30 on Monday, infact it’s lowest number has been around 1.1 and its highest over 1.3. You conveniently forgot Cold Case was getting around 700k against Criminal Minds in its short lived 8.30 Wednesday slot. Not to mention the only time Cold Case got over 900k at 9.30 was when the 9 month old Heroes episodes aired as opposition.

    So Cold Case is far from a power house, and CSI would be lucky to get around 1.3 mill against the very tough competition from City Homicide – which will probably maintain around 1.6 mill.

  7. knoxoverstreet

    Excellent season 9 looks brilliant! I prefer CSI on Monday nights as it was earlier in the year then on sundays. If GNW is on at 8.30 I’m afraid it’s bye bye City Homicide.And fasttracking won’t matter as it can always be fasttracked again late next year so it doesn’t make much difference Nine will have the same amount of CSIs each year.

    I do agree that perhaps Nine should have followed it with another CSI but Cold Case should do ok.

    And Cameron..i know what you mean,Mondays were awesome with Sea Patrol and CSI:NY!

  8. Neil, before the Olympics Cold Case was getting 1.1 million and that was at 9.30 after a weak 900K lead in from McLeods Daughters. Imagine what it can get with a stronger lead in like CSI. Currently Bones gets anywhere between 900K-1.1million, without any competition. I think Bones will suffer against Cold Case.

  9. I’m not so sure about Cold Case beating Bones- it wasn’t doing brilliant things earlier in the year and it’s appeal has defently softened, so who knows

    CSI will easily be accounted for by CH, though i expect it’s ratings to now come down to the 1.5Mil mark or so – pushing Seven to a closer weekly win (though nothing can really stop it now)
    Considering TEN has fasttracked their 2 biggest shows (House & NCIS) this comes as little surprise

  10. Spunkymonkeycaesar, Nine have a few options for Monday 7.30, but they also have to replace Wednesday 7.30 too. Here are some likely candidates…
    Extraordinary Animals (my choice), The Irwin’s Australia Zoo, Sudden Impact and The Waiting Room. However, I actually heard that Primeval will be taking Monday 7.30 a few weeks back. Whether this is true, I don’t know.

    I think Cold Case will definatley beat Bones, but it will be a tough battle between CSI and City Homicide. CSI has proven very strong on Sunday and has a very loyal fan base. Although City Homicide has been pulling the big numbers. I think they will probably get around the same.

  11. That’s a big move by 9, but I cant see it doing much damage to City Homicide and Bones. Their cupboards must be really bare to fast track their biggest show, might come back to bight them next year.

  12. Great to see CSI fastracked so close to the US start date. Hope it does well back on Mondays but City Homicide is tough competition compared to Desperate Housewives earlier this year. CSI is popular and a lot of people would like to know if Warrick dies or not.

    Great to see Cold Case back too but this show has not been treated well this year with episodes mixed up and not on every week due to State of Origin. Hope CSI gives a good lead in.

    Having two great crime dramas up against each other is a great move although CSI should have one of it’s spin-offs on after it – CSI:NY should have been on instead of Cold Case while that goes back to Wednesday. CSI:NY should also return with new episodes and CSI:Miami should finish off the current season and fasttracked if the season ends before the end of the rating season.

    Great move Nine! Will be spending more time watching channel 9 on Mondays now, just as much as te good old days of Sea Patrol and CSI:NY. Thank goodness the movies will be gone.

  13. Spunkymonkeycaesar

    David, with The Chopping Block set to return on Tuesdays at 7.30, do you have any idea what might now be scheduled for Mondays 7.30?

    Thoroughly agree with you Alex, atleast viewers will now have a better alternative to movies on Nine, and to City Homicide and Bones on Seven.

    – Spunkymonkeycaesar

  14. Good move by Nine – while they probably won’t win it’ll be way better than movies and cater to those who aren’t at all interested in Seven’s offerings.

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