Returning: The Zoo

One of Seven’s other animal factual series The Zoo returns 7:30pm Tuesday October 21 according to Seven’s own website.

The series narrated by Melissa Doyle gives a behind-the-scenes looks at some of Australia’s finest zoos. It replaces RSPCA Animal Rescue.

At 8pm Find My Family continues.

Press Release:
MELISSA DOYLE returns with all new episodes of The Zoo, which takes a unique inside look behind-the- scenes at some of Australia’s finest zoos. In tonight’s premiere episode, for the first time in Australia, the birth of a baby gorilla is captured on camera – something that has never been done in the wild. Plus, keepers are hoping for a successful match when they introduce Australian Sea Lions Kira and Mali. Tombo the lion has a painful problem with his feet. And an extremely shy Australian native has arrived after being hit by a car.




  1. proud mummy

    i love these animal shows, there great. they actually teach people true facts and even children learn new things from these shows. animals are the best and its good to be able to sit and watch shows that are actually about something true and that are interesting.
    less viloince and its more true factual shows teaching our children things that are important

  2. Mark Farmer

    It is good to see these shows like the zoo on tv, any of you who watch too much of the other mind numbing trash should try watching one these “factual” shows and who knows you may even learn something.

  3. lol I wasn’t serious David. I was mocking the fact that these factuals are more or less the exact same program and they’re just replacing one animal factual series with another. Its similar to Nine replacing Kitchen Nightmares USA with Hell’s Kitchen.

  4. Spunkymonkeycaesar

    I know aye Benno?! – There seems to be nothing other than factuals on TV nowadays! – Gone are the good days!

    – Spunkymonkeycaesar

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