Vale: Levi Kereama

Former Australian Idol contestant Levi Kereama been found dead after tragically falling to his death from a high-rise Brisbane hotel, reports Ninemsn. He was 27.

Kereama was a 2003 contestant in the Network TEN series.

Kereama had earlier performed at the Parklife music festival and was believed to be suffering from depression.

Kereama rose to fame in the first series of the reality show, making the final 12 through a wildcard entry, before has was eliminated in sixth place.

His music career continued and he scored a record contract, releasing several singles in 2004.

Whilst no mention was made of the news during tonight’s edition of Idol, hopefully his memory and achievements are honoured in Monday’s Verdict show, particularly given how many of the youthful audience would be touched by depression during adolescence and beyond.

For information about depression and suicide prevention contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue.

Source: Ninemsn


  1. really choking news…. my condolences to his family members and those who were close to him…he was the same age as me with a lot of talent. he had a lot going for him and his bros, i was a big fan of their music…. such a terrible loss.

    RIP Levi, from the mob in Far North Qld.

  2. I just couldn’t believe it when I saw it on the news. This is horrible.

    I wonder whether it was just an accident though? I know some people take their own lives, even when they have everything to live for but I never thought this would happen to him.

    He always seemed like such a nice guy. RIP.

  3. He was uninvited…..but will be warmly welcomed. Too young and too much still to offer. I don’t know of a nicer and more supportive family than yours Levi. Micheal,you lead by example and I cant immagine the pain for you and your wife of losing your son. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Phil

  4. This was really sad. )= I’ll miss youu and your music 🙁 everything. (L)
    Love to youu and your family . . . . . . . . YOU ROCK ! ! ! ! !

    Youu’ll never bee replaced.xo
    Rest In Peace. (F)

  5. Awful, awful! To see such a young life ending that way. I always liked him, he was my favourite from Aus.Idol.
    Who knows what happened to him. He will be dearly missed!
    Levi, you voice will always remain with us.

  6. lilliana mazza

    hey aunty how r you?? sorry bout uncle but why i wanted another chance with him i wanted 2 cum past n say hi but his gone but why his married n got kids i miss him he was the best at his concert n by the way im eugnes daughter i give u my condolences now aunty n famz baii MWA (baii uncle levi ill sing with u all the way) :(:( :'(

  7. Rip Levi, i went to primary school with levi, he was a real nice person and to hear of this tragedy brought tears to my eyes, my thoughts go out to his family. and for the record he was the same age as myself 25

    Rest in Peace Levi

  8. I jst cant believe it.. I loved you levi. you had an amazing voice. Gorjus smile. I was going to go to parklife and decided against it.. But i wish i went. it was a dream of mine to meet u and hear u perform..I jst would like to give my condolences to his family.. Rip levi.. will never forget you and your amazing talent!! xxx

  9. Wish they’d release him singing Yes, Jesus Loves Me to his baby – that made us cry. What a sad waste of a beautfiul life. GBU Levi and Prayers to your family xxxxx

  10. My condolences go out to the family and all his cuzzies…Just so sad that you have left so tragically.Rest in peace Levi.You will be remembered for what you had achieved in the music industry….God bless you bro.

  11. Jessica Fenech

    i am so shocked i dnt have any words.. i was absolutely in love with him on idol.. i cryed when he got voted off and my msn nickname was the last song he sang on idol when he got voted off.. every little step.. i loved him n his brother singing it.. i loved him when he brought out the singles with lethbridge and just cant believe he was that troubled that after a concert thats what suppose to forfil u n make u happy he does this.. i send my condolences to his family as u could tell they were a close family and would be devistated.. i cant believe it and will still rememeber him forever!!! love you levi!!!

  12. This is tragic, he was so talented. Yet another depression casualty. I just wish people with this illness would hold on, I know it’s so hard but we are left trying to carry on without them and that is so hard too. Suffering seems to be the way of the 21st century.

    I’m gutted that so many of our young are struggling with that black, cold emptyness known as depression. RIP LEVI

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