Week 41


1. Seven News Seven 1.275 2. National Nine News Nine 1.025 3. ABC News ABC 0.950m 4. Holes Seven 0.935m 5. The Bill ABC 0.932m

NRL wins it but Seven takes glory
Top 100 Week 41
Pay TV Week 41
ASTRA Week 41


1. Seven News Seven 1.275
2. National Nine News Nine 1.025
3. ABC News ABC 0.950m
4. Holes Seven 0.935m
5. The Bill ABC 0.932m
Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine 0.914m
Seven’s V8 Supercars Round 10: Bathurst D2 – Top 10 Shootout Seven 0.749m
Seven’s V8 Supercars Round 10: Bathurst D2 – Afternoon Seven 0.746m
Gardening Australia ABC 0.634m
Alien Vs Predator Seven 0.615m
Oliver Twist Nine 0.542m
Seven’s V8 Supercars Round 10: Bathurst D2 – Early Seven 0.497m
Mythbusters SBS 0.307m

Seven: 27.0
ABC: 24.6
Nine: 22.0
TEN: 18.8
SBS: 7.6


1 Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1.447
2 Seven News Seven 1.260
3 Today Tonight Seven 1.256
4 Home And Away Seven 1.083
5 Eight Below Seven 1.014
6 Two And A Half Men Nine 0.990m
7 Nine News Nine 0.987m
8 Taggart ABC 0.951m
9 ABC News ABC 0.924m
10 A Current Affair Nine 0.846m
The Bourne Supremacy TEN 0.709m
Hole In The Wall Nine 0.673m
Wipeout Nine 0.662m
America’s Next Top Model TEN 0.659m

Seven: 34.4
Nine: 23.4
ABC: 19.0
TEN 18.4
SBS: 4.8


1. Seven News Seven 1.293
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.209
3. Home and Away Seven 1.137
4. Law and Order: Criminal Intent TEN 1.022
5. National Nine News Nine 1.016
6. Getaway Nine 0.996
7. Two and a Half Men Nine 0.996
8. RPA Nine 0.964
9. The Strip Nine 0.957
10. A Current Affair Nine 0.957
11. ABC News ABC 0.935
12. Make Me A Supermodel Seven 0.931
13. Law and Order: SVU TEN 0.930
14. The 7:30 Report ABC 0.882
15. Life At 3 ABC 0.881
16. Heroes – 8:30pm Seven 0.878m
17. Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? TEN 0.809m
18. Catalyst ABC 0.808m
19. Heroes – 9:30pm Seven 0.785m
20. TEN News at Five TEN 0.681
Deal or No Deal 0.651m
Prison Break 0.387m
Friends 0.600m

Nine: 27.9
Seven: 27.0
TEN: 22.4
ABC: 17.6
SBS: 5.1


1. Two and a Half Men – 8:00pm Nine 1.449
2. Two and a Half Men – 7:30pm Nine 1.385
3. Criminal Minds – 8:30pm Seven 1.366
4. Spicks and Specks ABC 1.341
5. Seven News Seven 1.336
6. Medical Emergency Seven 1.301
7. Criminal Minds – 9:30pm Seven 1.224
8. Today Tonight Seven 1.199
9. Two and a Half Men – 7:00pm Nine 1.198
10. Crash Investigation Unit Seven 1.162
11. Home and Away Seven 1.071
12. ABC News ABC 1.066
13. A Current Affair Nine 1.064
14. National Nine News Nine 1.023
15. The 7:30 Report ABC 0.959
16. The Hollowmen 0.931m
17. The New Inventors 0.885m
18. House 0.858m
19. Fringe 0.771m
20. Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food 0.764m
Deal or No Deal 0.698m
Life 0.669m
Friends 0.647m
Very Small Business 0.602m
The Mentalist 0.530m
Antiques Roadshow 0.420m
At the Movies 0.385m

Seven: 31.6
Nine: 25.0
ABC: 20.1
TEN: 19.2
SBS: 4.2


1. Packed To The Rafters Seven 1.979
2. Find My Family Seven 1.798
3. RSPCA Animal Rescue Seven 1.509
4. Seven News Seven 1.426
5. All Saints Seven 1.377
6. Today Tonight Seven 1.360
7. NCIS TEN 1.296
8. Home And Away Seven 1.217
9. Two And A Half Men Nine 1.154
10. National Nine News Nine 1.141
11. ABC News ABC 1.112
12. 20 To 1 Nine 1.016
13. A Current Affair Nine 1.007
14. Two And A Half Men Ep2 Nine 0.963m
15. The 7.30 Report ABC 0.941m
16. Two And A Half Men -Ep1 Nine 0.940m
17. Wipeout Nine 0.925m
18. The Simpsons TEN 0.919m
19. Two In The Top End ABC 0.886m
20. Rush TEN 0.833m
The Simpsons 7:30pm 0.823m
Friends 0.599m
Survivor 0.467m
Sunrise 0.310m
Today 0.276m
30 Rock 0.215m
Mornings with Kerri-Anne 0.147m
The Morning Show 0.136m
9AM with David & Kim 0.079m

Seven: 36.5
Nine: 24.3
TEN: 21.0
ABC: 14.8
SBS: 3.4


1. City Homicide Seven 1.701
2. The Force Seven 1.681
3. Border Security Seven 1.592
4. Seven News Seven 1.403
5. Home And Away Seven 1.313
6. Two and a Half Men Nine 7:30pm 1.301
7. Today Tonight Seven 1.299
8. Two and a Half Men 7:00pm Nine 1.213
9. National Nine News Nine 1.194
10. ABC News ABC 1.153
11. A Current Affair Nine 1.132
12. Bones Seven 1.016
13. Australian Idol TEN 0.964m
14. Til Death Nine 0.957m
15. Australian Story ABC 0.916m
16. Four Corners ABC 0.893m
17. 16 Blocks Nine 0.866m
18. Neighbours TEN 0.831m
19. The 7.30 Report ABC 0.811m
20. TEN News at Five TEN 0.807m
Enough Rope 0.799m
Supernatural 8:30pm 0.777m
Media Watch 0.750m
Supernatural 9:30pm 0.706m
Friends 0.704m
Top Gear Australia 0.674m
Out of the Question 0.468m
Bogan Pride 0.376m
South Park 0.367m
Boston Legal 0.361m

Seven: 32.4
Nine: 24.1
TEN: 18.1
ABC: 17.7
SBS: 7.6


1 Rugby League Grand Final Nine 2.074
2 The Mentalist Nine 1.334
3 60 Minutes Nine 1.330
4 Rugby League GF Presentation Nine 1.315
5 Seven News Seven 1.315
6 National Nine News Nine 1.220
7 Australian Idol TEN 1.213
8 Midsomer Murders ABC 1.137
9 Rugby League Grand Final Entertainment Nine 1.121
10 ABC News ABC 1.000
11 ABC News Up-Date ABC 0.980m
12 CSI: Miami Nine 0.978m
13 Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Seven 0.896m
14 The Pacifier Seven 0.884m
15 Lost World Of Tibet ABC 0.809m
16 Rove TEN 0.794m
17 The Einstein Factor ABC 0.611m
18 Thank God You’re Here TEN 0.605m
19 CSI: NY Nine 0.549m
20 TEN News At Five TEN 0.514m
Californication 0.501m

Nine: 33.2
Seven: 25.2
TEN: 18.8
ABC: 18.3
SBS: 4.3

144 Responses

  1. Prison Break is only about 5 weeks behind the US, not 2 months. OK, so we’re talking 5-6 weeks, but those few weeks make a difference :-).

    I haven’t downloaded PB in advance this time because it’s being shown so soon after its airdate in the US. No need to use the bandwidth! In any case, Dr Who had finished in the UK before it even started here and look how well it rated….! I doubt downloads have that much of an impact on Australian ratings.

  2. Thursday is definitely Seven’s weakest night. I think The Amazing Race will probably do better at 8.30pm next week than Heroes did. As much as I love an Aussie show The Strip is terrible and should not be viewed by anyone.

  3. Soooo glad to see heroes do badly. Am I the only one that can see it is just a straight rip off from the X-Men??!!
    2.5 men still throws me, try as I might I just can’t find a laugh in that show…..still 1.1mil people can’t be wrong……can they???

  4. I wish that RPA could have done better although 964 is still pretty good for that slot would love to see it around 1.2 or so I wish they would also make more than a handful of episodes per series

  5. Heroes naturally does worse than Ghost Whisperer etc becuase it has a sci-fi flavour which is not everyones cup of tea and relys on an ongoing story line that people don’t care enough to keep up with.

    I love the people that come on this blog and say “I love Prison Break”, “I love Lost”, “I love Heroes”, “I hate Today Tonight”, “I hate Border Secuiry”, “the evil TV networks are always messing with my favourite shows, i’m so hurt by it and i’m going to punish them by not watching”. Its hilarious.

    Everyone has different preferences, but television networks put on the shows that attaract viewers because they need to make money and there is not point putting on things that noone is watching because then no one wants to advertise. Its just like Tim Worner from Seven said in the paper today “The aim of our game is to try to please most of the people most of the time and it’s a very tricky equation”.

    So to everyone lamenting the poor ratings of Prison Break that have it relegated to 10:30pm, they should be thankful it is on at all, and they actually have the option to watch it on TV albeit weeks behind the US, with those figures it should be online only!

  6. BTW Seven won’t be pullingHeroes any time soon. The numbers its pulling at the moment are pretty much on par with what Ghost Whisperer had before it, and The Amazing Race is taking the 8:30pm slot next week anyway

  7. I’m not surprised Heroes is ailing after Seven’s treatment of it last year. Its more a cult show – one with a dedicated and passionate fanbase that prefer to watch through other methods. I figured the figures would be less than 900,000, particularly after the 10 month hiatus and the massive drop of quality in the second season. PB and Heroes have both done massive comebacks this year and their current seasons are infinitely superior to last year’s. I too have been watching online and by the time Seven premiered season 3 last night, I was already 4 eps ahead.

    BTW, it really isn’t surprising at all that brilliant shows like Heroes, PB and LOST dive in the ratings when you see that crap like 2.5 Men, Today Tonight, ACA and Border Security are the stuff which rates the best. That in itself says enough about the appalling taste of the nation

  8. I think Thursdays are turning into friday nights ratings. Poor figures for every show. Look at the decline in viewers for seven news. Not sure how Law and Order: Criminal Intent got those ratings. The promo during the week for it was embarrasing.

  9. Yeah I tried Packed To The Rafters too and found it rather ho-hum. Certainly doesn’t deserve the ratings it gets.

    And is it just me or are the ratings for Thursday night at an all time low? Interesting to see The Strip pick up with Heroes as competition. And how long will Seven keep Heroes on with those numbers?

  10. Prison Break deserves those ratings. Considering myself and others were 7 episodes ahead before the first one even aired on Seven. I just hope Seven give it a proper fast-tracking when it catches up to the U.S.

  11. Heroes and Prison Break didn’t do so well, which is disappointing bc Heroes is a great show – i can understand prison break – that has completely lost me!

    But overall, generally low figures – only 5 shows over 1 million viewers!

    Will be interesting to see how the amazing race goes against the strip next thursday.

  12. The ABC is Giving TEN a Headache now….

    Top Gear ratings Dropped? Not really surprised…

    Spics and Specks back to 1.3 Million,Yey! I really love the Show….

    ABC will surely be getting its Best Share since 1991…Go ABC!!!!

  13. Stevie G, I too managed to finally catch Packed to the Rafters on Tuesday night to see what all the fuss was about, and I too “…really don’t know what the fuss is about. Sorry, but it isn’t that good. 2.5 men on the other hand is packed with well rounded funny characters. I agree nine is definatley overkilling it, but I will be back watching the brand new ep next Tuesday night.” With that said I agree with you Michael when you wrote: “So forgive me for watching the only ‘decent’ alternative [Two and a Half Men]”.

    – Spunkymonkeycaesar

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