Who’s the boss?

Channel TEN has picked up the format rights to Undercover Boss, which sees a senior executive from the headquarters of a large company work as a new recruit at office level without revealing their identity.

After 10 days in the frontline, colleagues of the new recruit are told their workmate’s true identity. Ouch.

The show will form part of TEN’s push to include more factual entertainment in its schedule.

TEN was this week reported to be looking for light factual entertainment shows at Mipcom to be be stripped across its earlier primetime slots.

Of course, if news of this show’s format leaks in too many places it’s likely to get very difficult to hoodwink workers for purposes of filming. New bloke…. TV cameras….. jig’s up…

Source: C21


  1. could be pretty funny if executed properly. and yes, hidden cameras may be the go here, with all the advances in technology surely picture quality wouldn’t have to suffer too much, put up a few new mirrors round the place, staff aren’t to know there’s a big brother camera behind them.

  2. yeh shooting a series like this would be fun…alot of hidden camera stuff i’d suspect otherwise why would a newbie have TV cameras following them around…doh!! didnt think that one through…oh well I hear they havent pulled down BB’s house yet….

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