Renewed: NCIS, NCIS: LA, Person of Interest, CSI, Criminal Minds, Elementary, The Good Wife

Plus: 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods, The Amazing Race, The Millers, Mom.

2014-03-14_1101CBS has renewed a pile of shows overnight:
2 Broke Girls,
Mike & Molly,
Two and a Half Men,
The Millers,
Person of Interest,
Hawaii Five-0,
Blue Bloods,
Criminal Minds,
The Good Wife,
The Amazing Race,

Plus Undercover Boss, 60 Minutes, 48 hours.

Yesterday CBS renewed The Big Bang Theory, while Survivor was renewed some time ago.

Not yet renewed are The Crazy Ones, The Mentalist, Intelligence and Friends With Better Lives which is yet to premiere.

Hostages also didn’t score a renewal, but is understood to be cancelled after a poor run, with Dylan McDermott already signed to Kevin Williamson’s pilot with CBS.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Shoudy: I told you just a week ago that networks tell me programming dates 2-3 weeks in advance. So why are you asking me this question when you can see below UTD has not even returned in the US? If you are not taking note of the answers I am supplying then there is clearly no point in me bothering. Please put some thought into your questions in future, thanks.

  2. @ andrewb – nope not in NSW anyway. I’m pretty sure the last episode to air here was S06E03 (Wedding in Red – original U.S. airdate 13 October 2013), and the Ninemsn website doesn’t even list season 6 so that show’s how far behind they are. Absolutely ridiculous how Nine can advertise “The Mentalist coming in 2014” for months on end and not expect viewers to just give up. If I didn’t have enough on my PVRs to last me months I most probably would have gave up on Nine when they dropped it over the Summer.

  3. Thank you David for this news. I’m glad for Person of Interest and Elementary although I only watched the first episode of the latter. I’m happy for The Good Wife viewers it got renewed. Also NCIS for Ten. I guess there are many that will be happy about this. I’m glad about that too.

  4. Excellent news about The Good Wife – love new like this as it could of gone either way

    Also happy TAR is coming back as well as Elementary even though im way back at season 1 during the final couple of eps

  5. There’s some great shows being renewed. Same here, josh777, I’ve had a hell of a time avoiding spoilers about who Red John is. Wish 9 would just air it already, it’s ridiculous with such a crucial story line we have been waiting for years for to be so far behind the US. They really should have fast tracked this season.

  6. I’m tiring of Criminal Minds and Elementary. Good to see TAR, Undercover Boss, 2BG and Big Bang renewed. Surprised to see Two and a Half Men being renewed. Yes it is a giant cash machine for CBS and WB, but seriously, it is so bad these days. The new lesbian daughter of Charlies is so unfunny, and everything she says is a bad lesbian joke punchline – kinda like the final seasons of Ellen after coming out, but the jokes are more crude.
    The rest I don’t watch.a

  7. @ Josh777. I missed one of the summer episodes since it started 30 mins late and I didn’t anticipate the overrun (like I usually do). Plus I am so busy watching ABC so I have forgotten that I was waiting for it.

  8. So disappointed about The Crazy Ones not bing renewed yet; it’s the only new series I’ve enjoyed last/this year. Hopefully it stays steady in the ratings and is renewed, odds are against it though.

  9. Excellent that the Good Wife has been renewed.
    Probably means WB’s The Mentalist will finish even though it is out-rating its lead-in (TGW) at the moment.

    CBS has supported Mom, against criticism for promoting single motherhood and as being a Chuck Lorre show. Not good news for The Crazy Ones all the other sitcoms getting renewed.

    Intelligence will not be renewed.

    CBS has announced only 4 new shows for Fall, since they acquired Thursday Night Football, and have hinted that the first block of TBBT in Fall could be used to shore up Monday nights.

  10. Wow what a huge renewal list, some of which are my favourite shows! Only ones from CBS not yet renewed that I like are The Mentalist and The Crazy Ones. I can’t say whether The Mentalist should or shouldn’t be renewed based on it’s current season as, if you’re like me and refrain from downloading and wait to watch it on Nine, you’ve been waiting for it to return from it’s Summer airing which lasted a whole couple of episodes before disappearing. Trying to avoid Red John identity spoilers is really hard, and Nine are really losing viewers because of the spoilers!

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