A summer of Temptation

Nine's summer line-up announces Temptation to 7pm, Fringe to Mondays, ER & Gossip Girl for Wednesdays and McLeod's Daughters to Saturdays.

Move over, Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer. Nine’s first week of summer programming indicates Temptation is returning to a 7pm weeknight timeslot. The network has two months of episodes up its sleeve, filmed mid year.

In other news, McLeod’s Daughters will become a Saturday night drama, clearly skewed to an older audience, which will compete with ABC shows. Fringe gets a Monday slot and Survivor will air both Mondays and Tuesdays. ER and Gossip Girl get Wednesday slots, but the latter is quite late (10:30pm) given its younger audience. Nine must be responding to the fact it has already aired to a large chunk of its fans via FOX8.

Old episodes of Monster House even sneak back into the schedule, as promised, late on a Friday night.

Its daytime schedule is dominated by cricket, but notable also for swapping The Ellen DeGeneres Show to 12pm and The View to 1pm from Wed Dec 3rd.

Sunday Nov 30
6:00 Nine News
6:30 20 to 1 rpt
7:30 Two and a Half Men rpt
8:00 The Big Bang Theory
8:30 Movie: A Beautiful Mind (updated)

Mon Dec 1
6:00 Nine News
6:30 ACA
7:00 Temptation
7:30 Two and a Half Men rpt
8:00 The Big Bang Theory
8:30 CSI rpt
9:30 Fringe
10:30 Survivor

Tue Dec 2
7:30 The Chopping Block final
8:30 Movie: The In Laws
10:35 Survivor
11:30 Girls of the Playboy Mansion

Wed Dec 3
7:30 10 to 1
8:00 Deadly Surf
8:30 CSI Miami rpt
9:30 ER
10:30 Gossip Girl
11:30 Just Shoot Me

Thu Dec 4
7:30 Emergency
8:00 The Waiting Room
8:30 Cold Case rpt
9:30 The Closer
10:30 Close to Home / The Strip (final, Vic)

Friday Dec 5
7:30 Australian Geographic
8:30 Movie: Miss Congeniality
10:45 Monster House

Sat Dec 6
6:30 Aus Funniest Home Videos summer series
7:30 Wife Swap USA
8:30 McLeod’s Daughters
9:30 AFI Awards 2008

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  1. Except for that Millionaire Hot Seat They No Longer have a game show weeknights anymore.
    All of the 2.5 men noobs and sadistic home and away fans should hang your head in shame It is you people who have killed off a game show of 30 years

  2. There is no exact formula to compare US ratings to Oz ratings, but there is a rough formula you can use. Rough. Given that our ratings talk only the Top 5 markets (about 13 million as you say) and the US is national (about 305 million) and taking into account all the things above…if you use a multiple of 14 -you get close.

    Take “American Idol” – the #1 show in the US averaging about 28 million viewers. Divide that by 14 – you get 2million – about the capital city audience for “Packed to the Rafters” – Oz’s # 1 show.

    “CSI” gets about 18 million Stateside – divide by 14 – it’s a.2 million or so – about what it gets here. “NCIS” gets about 16 million in the USA. Divide by 14 – just over a million – about what it gets on Ten.

    It works the other way to – when Heroes was in Primetime (before 10.30) it was getting 600k-700k. Multiple by 14 you get about 8.5 million – what Heroes gets in the US.

    So it’s rough – but t seems to work. I’m sure there are times when it is not so accurate. BT using the formula – GG (3.5 million) would be 250,000 or so. Even if it would be twice as popular in Oz than there, that would make it 500,000 – still not really mainstream hit territory.

  3. @ Russell

    It is flawed to compare the proportion of US and Aus shows to the population. If you did that, CSI which gets about 20m and is massive over there would be about 800k (out of 12m for capital cities), which is not massive here. Plus, they have pay tv in half their households, and about 30% here. Also, the CW targets young women, while the rest target a more generic audience. So 3.2m is really good for them and gets great demos for them. Their standards are a lot lower than the other networks. But yes compared to the other networks it is rather low, however they aren’t exactly targeting older people which advertisers have lesser interest in.

  4. Craig – my apologies, I just moved back recently from the UK and so haven’t been here to see (months of) promos for Primeval..I didn’t even know.
    Agree with you on the DVD – easier to just buy it instead of waiting for it to appear on FTA.

    I enjoy crime shows too, but like most people commenting here, am sick of the constant repeats..

  5. I’m glad to see Survivor is going to be shown, but why at 10.30? It’s almost getting 500,000 a week at 10.30 for a 9 month old series. 9.30 at least is deserved, even if it was only on once a week.

  6. In summer if (but this never happens with our networks) they have no new episodes up their sleeves, then by all means program repeats. But when they have new episodes of shows (chuck….), repeats in their place is unacceptable.

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