Airdate: The Bridge

Reality series narrated by Hugo Weaving, will now have a Free to Air season on 10.

Paramount+ reality series The Bridge, narrated by Hugo Weaving and filmed in Tasmania, will have a Free to Air season on 10, replacing Gogglebox from next week.

If you enjoy shows like Survivor and Alone, this is one for you (TV Tonight’s 4.5 star review is here).

Those with long memories will recall 10 already screened the premiere episode, which it is repeating, followed by the full season across coming weeks. The finale was also featured in a Gogglebox episode.

With nothing but their bare hands and basic tools, building a bridge together sounds easy right? Wrong.

If it’s one thing we know about strangers working to achieve a common goal with a cash prize ending, it’s to be careful who you trust.

In the epic first look, catch a glimpse of how the builders grapple with not only the best approach for the build, but also one last minor detail. Whoever is chosen to cross the bridge ultimately decides who keeps the cash. Will they share it with the group or keep it for themselves?

Three hundred and thirty metres. Seventeen days. One winner. Build it together. Cross it alone.

8:40pm Thursday May 4 on 10.

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  1. It looked good to me, and I intended to stream it soon after it began. But, as I mentioned on a previous article, the revelation of the ending on Gogglebox (reasonably soon after the P+ finale) changed my mind. Given the age of the series, and the very public knowledge of the outcome, I expect very low numbers. I hope there’s a good twist for S2 and fewer spoilers, maybe I will watch. 🙂

  2. I watched this last year on Paramount Plus and I thought it was fantastic! Thought it was one of the best new shows of 2022 and I’m really looking forward to re-watching it on free-to-air!

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