Airdate: Rex in Rome

Everyone’s favourite European, crime-busting dog, Inspector Rex, is returning to screens in a new series, Rex in Rome.

Made four years after the last series, it is now an Austrian-Italian production. His new partner is Italian detective Lorenzo Fabbri (Kaspar Capparoni). The series will air in Australia in Italian with English subtitles, but is followed directly afterwards by a repeat of the German-language Inspector Rex.

A rather odd transition each week for fans…

It premieres at 7:30pm Thursday December 4th on SBS.

Rex in Rome: The Meeting – Brand new season Inspector Rex! Rex returns in a new series set in Italy, to help his new partner Inspector Fabbri solve murder cases. In this first episode, a jewellery robbery gone wrong sparks a chain of mysterious murders. Someone is killing the thieves as they are on the run, and when a body is found buried in the grounds of an Italian villa; the death is linked to another murder that has just taken place in Austria. Inspector Fabbri of the Rome Police and Chief Inspector Hedl of the Austrian Crime Squad begin a joint investigation of the double murder case. Stars Kaspar Capparoni as Inspector Fabbri, Denise Zich as Inspector Hedl, Fabio Ferri as Morini and Martin Weiner as Kunz. (From Italy, in Italian, English subtitles) (Drama Series) *New Series* PG WS


  1. I have just started watching Inspector Rex again after seeing the last Rex in Rome where he was shot. I have Mad Max who looks and acts just like him. It was too raw after he appeared to die. I was like watching a video of a recently deceased loved one (which Rex is). OMG – I’m too soft. I cry at RSPCA adds!

  2. I was so upset Rex was shot and then the next week it’s back to the old Rex. Don’t keep us in suspense, please let Rex live. He is a legend or as my son would say “a unit”. We love him.


  3. Hi
    Justto let you know if you looked closely Rex was still breathing at the closing credits and there is a new series (12) planned so i am guessing he survives wooohoooo i was too in tears even though i thought he would be ok


  4. Peter M. Schulz

    I also was terribly distressed last night to see the last episode ans also wonder if rex realy died? will we see a new eposode i do hope so
    Please let me know
    I did anjoy all the episodes and found it was to me more interesting then the old Rex shows wore
    Kind regards
    Peter M. Schulz

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